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  1. Hello, I am having a problem in making passwords restrict a user to certain layouts while the database is being used over the web. I have designed a database that uses buttons to go from one layout to another. I have been able to restrict access to certain layouts when the database is used on my own computer. That is, if I log on using a password other than the master password, I get a "No access" error message to the no-no layouts. However, when I test this out through my browser, a restricted password user can get to any layout. I also tested this out by putting the database on a server that is not my own computer and I get the same results. I am using Instant Web Publishing. Is this one of those weaknesses of IWP that isn't documented someplace? I have searched thru five FM books and none of them give a hint of what might be the problem. Thanks for any suggestions. Tom

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