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  1. LaRetta, I discovered the problem and called filemaker tech support a couple of months ago. They stated that they were aware of the problem and would fix it with the update that just came out. I tried it last night. They didn't fix the problem. I use filemaker version 6 for my wife's Physical Therapy practice and have it set up to generate a print image file for interface to a clearinghouse. I set up a Generic Text Printer (with United States -437 Code page) and check the print to file check box. Based on the generated text file, the clearinghouse maps to the text field locations based on the HCFA 1500 layout. This works fine for Version 6 of Filemaker, however for 7 it appears to generate a screen dump. The file is created, however it is empty. The print to file seems to work fine using some of the other print drivers (at least the file is not blank). I will be contacting Filemaker in the next couple of days.

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