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  1. Hi, Can anyone give me some information as to how will I be able to open my filemaker application directly without opening the filemaker.I mean I want to make an Exe of that application. Regards, Rajat
  2. Hi, I want to automatically launch my filemaker application by making an Exe of that application. How can I call my Application without opening Filemaker? Can anyone tell me how to go about it? Regards, Rajat
  3. Hi, It would be of great help if anybody could make me aware of the testing tool and protocol to perform performance test of a FileMaker Pro 6 application. Thanks and Regards, Rajat
  4. Hi, It seems that you have done performance test for FileMaker Applications.Well I have to perform a performance test on a Filemaker Pro 6 Application. It would be great if you could let me know the tool and the protocol to record the script. Thanks and Regards, Rajat Email:rajat.satender@india.birlasoft.com
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