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    Submit HTML form code from FP7

    this is an example web form: Web Developer Then make a custom function: data:text/html, <form name = 'login_myPage' action="http://www.myPage.com/login.asp" method="post"> User Name<br> <input type="text" name="user" value="Ralph Nusser" <br><br> Passwort <br> <input type="password" name="pass" value="So geht es!" <br> <input type="hidden" name="cookie" value="1" <br> <input type="hidden" name="goto" value="/loggedin.asp"><br> <input type="submit" value="Login" <br> </form> <body onload="document.forms['login_myPage'].submit();"> </body> To analyze web forms download the Firefox Addon of Chris Pederick: Let ([ login = "data:text/html," & ¶ & "<form name = 'login_myPage'" & ¶ & _TAB & "action=\"http://www.myPage.com/login.asp\"" & ¶ & _TAB & "method=\"post\">" & ¶ & _TAB & _TAB & "User Name<br>" & ¶ & _TAB & _TAB & "<input type=\"text\" name=\"user\" value=\"" & pUserName & "\" <br><br>" & ¶ & _TAB & _TAB & "Password <br>" & ¶ & _TAB & _TAB & "<input type=\"password\" name=\"pass\" value=\"" & pPassword & "\" <br>" & ¶ & _TAB & _TAB & "<input type=\"hidden\" name=\"cookie\" value=\"1\" <br>" & ¶ & _TAB & _TAB & "<input type=\"hidden\" name=\"goto\" value=\"/loggedin.asp\"><br>" & ¶ & _TAB & _TAB & "<input type=\"submit\" value=\"Login\" <br>" & ¶ & "</form>" & ¶ & "<body onload=\"document.forms['login_myPage'].submit();\">" & ¶ & "</body> " ]; Case ( IsEmpty (pUserName);""; IsEmpty (pPassword);""; login) ) See example file to search FM Forums: Form_Filling_FMforums_SOGETES_1_0_0.fp7.zip Happy FileMaking Ralph Nusser Sogetes Computer-Services
  2. ralph.nusser

    Layout Object Not Copyable

    If there are restrictions with certain characters the exceptions should be documented. AFAIK this is undocumented behavior – trial and error with UTF-8 testing. Inadvertently in the attachment there are ["junk" (COMMENT)] alias "illegal" characters in the formula (e.g. CHAR 11). Custom Function not Copyable.fp7.zip
  3. I have CHAR 1 to CHAR 10 as layout object. I could not copy and paste it with FM11 WIN and FM11 MAC. Ralph Nusser Sogetes Computer-Services Layout Object not Copyable_MAC_and_WIN.fp7.zip
  4. ralph.nusser

    Dot Matrix printer which one

    EPSON is the world market leader in impact printers I prefer the Epson LQ-2180 for my clients with Epson Ethernet card installed. EPSON LQ-2180
  5. ralph.nusser

    fmDotNet tested with FMS & FMSA 11

    How can FmDotNet be used if CWP (XML/XSLT publishing) will be discontinued, eventually?
  6. ralph.nusser

    Import Map Pin Feature

    A good starting point is this: http://esa.ilmari.googlepages.com/ZMarker2.htm To concatenate the needed code in FileMaker you need to geocode your addresses: http://www.briandunning.com/wv/12 http://www.briandunning.com/wv/35 Geocoding with two sources helps you to detect mistakes in Latitude and Longitude. Ralph Nusser Sogetes Computer-Services
  7. ralph.nusser

    lock a field

    See the example file in the collection of John Mark Osborne: Lock Field Using the [color:green]auto-enter function. Data can only entered once in a given field. Ralph Nusser Sogetes Computer-Services www.sogetes.com
  8. ralph.nusser

    find records within the current month

    See the example file. Ralph Nusser Sogetes Computer-Services www.sogetes.com Date_Current_Month_SOGETES_1_0_0.fp7.zip
  9. ralph.nusser

    ID cards and Barcodes

    The easiest for you is Barcode 39 You can encode uppercase letters (A through Z), digits (0 through 9). [color:blue]No plug-in needed. You just have to install a Code 39 barcode font. Code 39 is widely used and can be decoded with virtually any barcode reader. The only thing you have to know is to put your IDs between stars for printing: [color:red]*TRP1241* *98023123456* Find freeware 39 fonts here: Font for 39 Font for 39 Print on Avery: Identification Cards Happy FileMaking Ralph Nusser Sogetes Computer-Services Switzerland www.sogetes.com
  10. The URL is translated in the Web Viewer to and does not work in the Web Viewer. How can I escape the pipe character [color:red]| not to be exchanged to [color:red]%7T? Thank you in advance. Ralph Nusser Sogetes Computer-Services http://www.sogetes.com Web_Viewer_Pipe_Character.zip
  11. ralph.nusser

    Goto Field based on $variable

    Give the needed field (e.g. First Name) an [color:blue]object name ( e.g. First Name)- Now it is possible to go to the field with the [color:green]Go to Object script step http://www.filemaker.com/help/Script-Steps21.html [color:green]Go to Object [Object Name: [color:red]""; Repetition: [color:red]] The "object name" parameter can be a variable (e.g. $field). Happy FileMaking Ralph Nusser Sogetes Computer-Services http://www.sogetes.com
  12. ralph.nusser


    You have to compare three DDR analyzing products: [color:red]CrossCheck™ v.2.x [color:red]BaseElements v.2.x [color:red]Inspector v.2.x Happy FileMaking Ralph Nusser Sogetes Computer-Services http://www.sogetes.com
  13. ralph.nusser

    Print Receipt and open Cash Drawer

    My customers have a noname till. The till comes with [color:red]openDRW.exe With SendEvent I send the following command line: [color:blue]"CMD /c " & "C:TillopenDRW.exe com7 epson" See attachment. Happy FileMaking Ralph Nusser Sogetes Computer-Services http://www.sogetes.com Kassenschublade_SOGETES_1_0_0.zip
  14. ralph.nusser

    Print Receipt and open Cash Drawer

    The EPSON Receipt printers can be configured with the printer driver to open the cash drawer. See attached picture Happy FileMaker POSing Ralph Nusser Ralph Nusser Sogetes Computer-Services http://www.sogetes.com
  15. An example speaks louder than words! The condition to show the button is a boolean calculation: result 1 when the condition is met; result 0 otherwise. The button is in another table with a constant 1 Relation: when 1 = 1 => show the button. Happy FileMaking Ralph Nusser

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