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  1. Hi everyone, I have database where my employees enter data, but i don't want them to change a field if it is not empty, as this field is key for searches and other stuff. Database name: historical field name : event type : text options : indexed Layout field name : event control style : pop-up menu When the record is created the user selects the event from a pop-up menu, but the record has other fields, and the users modify this information several times after the creation of the record, but if the modify this key field all searches go bad. What can i do so the users can't modify the field event if is not empty? Thanks in advance for your help Faustino
  2. Greetings, I'm having a problem, hope you can help me. I have 3 tables, 2 of the related | num | | >event | inevent | | >Event inevent And i would like to take the value of one::event and put it into two::event, but when i do that calculation in the field in two it doesn't put anything. I have tried making it global and it doesn't put anything on the field, and when i don't make it global it says . I see this in the Data Viewer window. I see that one::event has X value but i don't see it shared to two::event. What I'm a missing? Thanks for your help Faustino Cantu
  3. Hi, I have a database let's say with 3 fields QTY DESCRIPTION PRICE how can i do it, that when PRICE has a value, it adds a new record automatically and places the input cursor in the QTY field. I appreciate any help in this. Faustino

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