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  1. Hi, I'm not a filemaker developer so please forgive me if this is insulingly easy or stupid! I am having problems trying to run a SQL query on a large FM Pro 5.5 file (running on a Mac under OS X) from an ASP page and an ODBC driver (which I set using a System DSN on my W2K server, using the filemaker pro ODBC driver). If I query small files it is fine and comes back with results etc... albeit pretty slow. However, if I query a large file it brings FM Pro to it's knees and the application stops responding forcing a quit and restart. In fact I have just bought our production FM Pro server to it's knees by doing a simple SELECT query... not great when it's our busiest day of the week! So can anyone tell me why this happens or what might be going on? In normal use (ie: from FM Pro clients) everything runs fine and this sort of thing never happens. So what could be causing this shut down/non response to occur? (BTW, all the sharing options are turned on on the files in question - web sharing, LDAC and RDAC. I also know that I'm connecting to the FM Pro file - the problem occurs when the query actually runs.) Any help would be much appreciated as I am trying to develop an ASP application which uses FM Pro as it's database - if I can't do ODBC queries with large files then what are my options? Mike.

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