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    Alternate row shading not printing

    Thank you, I will try that!
  2. I have several filemaker reports that use patterned shading on alternate rows. Since yesterday, when I print these reports, the patterned shading does not print. If I remove the pattern and use solid color shading it does print. (I am using Mac OS X Tiger, updated the Tiger system yesterday, and am using a HP Color Laserjet printer, which I re-installed today to try to fix this problem) Any suggestions? Do I give up patterned shading? Thanks!
  3. DLBS

    Corrupted Files

    It could be that the dbs are just shutting down, or a corruption problem, or a combination of both. (I do have to recover a file about once every 100 or so crashes) So far this database is running on my computer alone, and I am the only one accessing it. I re-installed FM Developer (with upgrade to Developer 6v4) last week. I am running it on OSX.2.6. I will look more closely at which scripts seem to crash the most. One thing I have tried is trimming down the calculated fields used for the finds, and indexing them. Since doing this, have gone for three hours since the last crash! Another thing I have done is to go back to my recovered/cloned/imported files and just backup like crazy. I don't think this will be practical though when other people start using the database (we plan to put it on a server...are we being too optimistic???).
  4. I am creating a database using FileMaker Developer 6, and learning as I go. It appears that many of my files have been corrupted, as FileMaker quits on me several times a day. The files open up again and run fine (no recovery required) after quitting, but I cannot give this database to my workgroup until it is stable. I have gone through the recovery/export data/clone/import data process, but I just had another crash. This always occurs while I am running any one of several scripts designed to find a record using a calculated field, sometimes in a related file. I am reconciled to the fact that I probably have to re-create the database (all 45 files! and lots of relationships), but want to avoid anything that will cause future corruption. Is there anything in I am doing in scripts, relationships or calculated fields that could cause corruption in the files? Anything I can do to avoid corruption in the future? Or is this corruption just part of living with FileMaker? Any help or advice would be appreciated! Thank you!

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