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  1. I am newbie to FM5, but have so far figured out how to link two databases using a calculated field (that is the combination of two fields), by creating a calculated text field that is field1: + field2:, in both databases, then creating a relationship in which ID:=ID: . That works well, until I try to add a record. When I add a record, I get the message: The relationship ID is not valid and must be corrected before this field can be modified. I think I understand what is happening, the portal does not know what the values of the 2 fields the calculated field is trying to compute, and therefore, cannot fill in the ID field, to continue adding the data. Can someone help me with this ? I know I am missing something script related, but I have not been able to figure this one out yet. Lotus Approach was so much easier for this sort of thing ! Thanks, John Martoccio

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