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    Importing Issue

    I have a scrip that imports data regurlarly from one db to another. all working fine till today, with no changes to the system i now get the following in the Import summary Screen :- Total records skipped due to errors. anyway of know what the errors were or why this is happening.
  2. Get you colleage to copy the system to a new folder, open the copy version & show all records (CTRL+J) then select delete all records from within the menus. You may need to do this in any related files also but in all cases you will need to have access rights to delete records. This of couses assumes that the copying of this system is done legally. HTH Steve
  3. I have a text field(field1)that is setup as check boxes with a difined list content as A B C D. I have a second calc field that has the values selected in Field 1. ie If A C & D are checked in Field 1 then the result in The calc fieled is A C D. My problem is that the value in the calc field are on seperate lines & will only appear if I extend the the field downwards. Is there a way to fornmat the values to read across my calc field seperated by commas. Steve

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