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  1. Nevermind for the cr i've used the function chr(10) & chr(13) to output a CR+LF and seems to work correctly. Thanks Rob
  2. To extend, The format of the file is utf-16 but some chars are mac (carriage instead of CR+LF).
  3. Hi There, On windows 7 x64 with FIlemaker 12 advanced V4 when using the "export field content" script function the content of the field is written in mac (roman) format and not ansi (utf8 would be better btw). This is a serious issue because some chars (carriage for example) are not read correctly under the platform (windows). Has anyone notice this behavior? It's a know bug/issue? Thanks a Lot, Rob
  4. robomni

    Eventscript does not show in plugins list

    Hi! Uhm... This sound interesting. In effect the machine that does not recognize eventscript 1.1 is plain install of XP SP2 (that came with DOT NET 2.0). Strangely enough in my machine with DOT NET 3.0 all versions works! Thanks By Rob
  5. robomni

    Eventscript does not show in plugins list

    Hi Gaston! Version 1.0 is WORKING on machines where 1.1 does NOT WORK. Very strange issue... I have scanned the fmx with dependency and all 2 (v 1.0 & 1.1) give an error dependency on FMWrapper.dll maybe it's just a matter of paths?? Anyway Thanks i solved the problem! Bye Rob
  6. robomni

    Eventscript does not show in plugins list

    Hi Gaston, Thanks for the reply here (i have not received in my mail account). Ok i will try with the V 1.0 on these machines and i will post result. Also i've not tested with "dependency walker" (a software that look in dependency dll) but maybe can be a good start point to catch the missing dll's. Thanks Again an keep up the Very Good work done with EventScript! Bye, Rob
  7. robomni

    Eventscript does not show in plugins list

    Ciao Daniele! (di solito ci leggiamo sulla lista fmp-ita rispondo in inglese ok?) The plugin is correctly under the /extensions folder (where there are other plugins that DID show up in the filemaker plugins preferences list). The only things that i am aware of is the presence of SP2 in the machines where eventscript does not show up. Ideas? Thanks, Rob
  8. Hi there! Anybody has encountered this problem? EventScript V 1.1 with runtime generated with FileMaker 7-TV3 on XP. Maybe the plugin require some libraries (dll)? Or can be a service pack 2 issue?? Help! Thanks in advance, Rob
  9. HI there! I'm just trying the tecnique based on ENQ/ACQ but does not work? I think that is reserved only for RS232 Barcode readers? With my PS/2 Barcode reader when i send an ENQ filemaker get a "CTRL+E" (delete record) and not a CTRL keydown. I resolved by makin a layout wich only 1 field accessible (the barcode) and then sending this data without any script: PREAMBLE: SO (CTRL+N) DATA: BARCODE POSTAMBLE: TAB This is in no way a controlled task but is working perfectly Thanks Bye Rob
  10. Hi there! After having compiled plugin with gcc and dev c++ i'm stuck with the new fm7 api's. I get several warning on the compiler anyone as doing succesfull testing ?? I think will be pretty fine if a template can be made for using with these open source tools. Thanks, Rob
  11. robomni

    When will sliding be fixed?

    Hi ctz243, That's true even for me for complex there are still problems. This is a SERIOUS bug i wonder how FMI as not solved this! Bye, Rob
  12. robomni

    When will sliding be fixed?

    HI BruceR! You solved this! Anyway this does not make sense! Bye & Thanks! Rob
  13. robomni

    When will sliding be fixed?

    Hi ctz243! Same problem... I've checked your file and every 2 pages i get the blank page. On my test even a layout with 1(!) object does not slide. Maybe this is platform dependent and is a SERIOUS bug because i've started to deploy apps with filemaker 7! bye, Rob

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