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  1. I'm in the same situation you're in, BJS. I'm now beginning to learn FM6 and I find it has a totally different "feel" from Access... it has the "Mac feel" rather than the "Windows (or DOS) feel". This forum is extremely helpful and informative and I've learned a lot in a very short time. One aspect of Access that I haven't found in FM is the ability to create Linked Tables. I find this to be an important issue with the FM community and there are many posted "work-arounds". If you find a way to structure your programming to simulate the Linked Tables feature of Access, please let me know... I would be most grateful!
  2. I'm working on converting a project from Access to FM6. On Access, I have a file that stores all the code (Forms(Layouts), Reports, Tables(DataBases), Macros, VB, etc) and another file that stores all the data. The Tables(DataBases) in the main file are "linked"(they point) to the data file, so whenever I need to make changes to the Forms(Layouts) I don't have to interrupt work on the data file. I make my modifications to the main file and then replace the main file in my customer's host with the newly updated main file, all without affecting the work being done on the data file. How can I accomplish the same effect with FM6?

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