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  1. Gupangam

    ODBC connection help needed

    I want to link ArcView mapping application to my FileMaker Pro soil survey database via ODBC. However, I can't see FileMaker Pro ODBC drivers as an option in the Windows ODBC dialogs. I am attaching some pics to explain the problem This is despite the fact that FMP has Local Data Access Companion and sharing enabled. FMP6_ODBC.zip
  2. Gupangam

    GCC Elite 12 printer issue

    I have a problem in printing from FMP database. It was printing fine until I tried to print a 'Blank record showing fields' in the print options. It asked me to enter a file name to which it would print rather than printing what I wanted. Since then it gives me the same window every time even if I change the option to say, 'Records being browsed', etc or try to print on any printer or Adobe pdf writer. I also have two attachments to illustrate the message I get.
  3. I have come across something unexpected and am baffled. I thought you might help me find what is happening. I attach two files: Quote_Costs.fp5 and Quote_Test.fp5. Quote_Costs.fp5 in List view lists several records with the keyword in Cost_Type field. The keyword is either A or B. Quote_Test.fp5 has two key fields Cost_A and Cost_B and shows corresponding related external Description fields in two portals. Two local Description fields are also available with a Pop_up menu that is related to the Description values in Quote_Costs.fp5. For left hand portal Cost_A = 'A' and the relationship displays corresponding values in its portal. The same values are also available in the pop-up menu. For the right hand portal Cost_B = 'B' and its values are also displayed. You can change any of the values in the portal and the changes are available in the pop-up menu at the top BUT here is the trouble! The pop-up menu only displays values that start with a number or characters A or B. Try changing the first character to C to Z and the values although changed in the Quote_Costs.fp5 are not available in the pop_up menu! What is going on? I wanted the following values in B Description: Quote Preparation Aerial Photo etc. But these don't appear in the pop-up menu. Is this a bug or I am going bonkers? Version: v6.x Platform: Windows 2000 Funny_Bug.zip
  4. Gupangam

    This is probably easy....

    Here is a picture of the Script as created
  5. Activity_log was excluded as it did not form a part of the design but the button was left there for the time being. Yes I suggest reading the book first, especially if you are either in sales, marketing or financial planning or manage your own business that would benefit from a 'crystal ball' that looks ahead on the potential sources of revenue and manages associated issues. The book is available in most of the libraries.
  6. Gupangam

    This is probably easy....

    Create a field called 'URL' Enter web address in field 'URL' Create a script (and attach a button) called 'Go to Website' as follows: Open URL [No dialog, "URL"] Clicking on the button will launch default browser and will return the web site of address that was entered in 'URL'.
  7. I am glad to see there are 50 downloads up to date. I will welcome comments or questions.
  8. I use Windows 2000. I downloaded it for testing after you mentioned your problem and it opened fine. Perhaps you could check your Unzipper?
  9. Here is some info (on the book) that I copied from Miller Heiman site The New Strategic Selling The new edition of this business classic confronts the rapidly evolving world of business-to-business sales with new real-world examples, new strategies for confronting competition, & a special section featuring the most commonly asked questions from the Miller Heiman workshops. Strategic Selling
  10. OK Guys here it is as sales.zip. Unzipping will create a folder called Sales with all database files in it. I have not locked it so you are welcome to modify and play around with it. It will be more fun reading the book first mentioned earlier. Your comments to improve the design will be welcome. Don't worry about some buttons not working. I extracted only the bare minimum files from my database.
  11. Sorry folks I have not been able to respond soon enough. I have been flat out. I promise to do so in the Xmas holidays. Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year.
  12. Has anybody in this forum read this book about sales forecasting, single sales objective, buying influences, and other goodies? I did, and used FileMaker to create a simple relational database that covers just about everything the book talks about. Let me know if anybody is interested in sampling my humble effort to provide useful feedback for further improvements.
  13. Gupangam

    Portals and images in container fields

    Thanks guys 1.The windows metafile images vary in size from 100k to 600k. Average is 200k. I am storing them as references only. 2. 'Bugs' means in Browse mode part of images 'breaks through' its layout and leaves a colorful mess on screen outside their field area even though the container fields are fully enclosed within the portal. (See sample attached) Going to a different layout cleans up the mess. 3&4. Portal has 8 containers, each 135x120 pixels. Six images take a couple of seconds each to show up. 5. Each project has up to 8 maps. Actual map print size varies from A3 to A0. I want others to be able to print the high resolution to-the-scale maps directly from the FMP database rather than from ArcView layouts. I have successfully printed up to A3 size from FMP. Could the problem be in FMP's ability to handle large (A3-A0) print formats?
  14. Gupangam

    last line of text cut in half

    My apologies. I found the answer by BobWeaver later on. Many thanks.

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