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  1. oops just checked Sonic Wall is a firewall.. (losing credibility fast ^^ ) M
  2. Thanks Garry, could you elaborate on th layout? Also are you connecting direct to your FM server through a firewal or via a gateway? Thanks Mike
  3. Jeff, think you could ask your collegue how he set it up using a VPN? I also do not with to compromise security if possible. Thanks mike
  4. Thanks Jeff, certainly helped. So if I was connecting from outside to to my filemaker server, through a Linux gateway, i would need to set up the Linux box to allow me to access port 5003 (i think) on the FM server? would that be a correct? rgds mike
  5. Thanks wondering if anyone could explain what is the difference between port forwarding and just opening a port? Mike
  6. Thanks guys, is that port 5003 on the Linux gateway or the Windows filemaker box? umm and how do i open the port.. Thanks Mike
  7. Hi all, I have a Linux box acting as a gateway for Internet connection. I also have a Windows 2000 box hosting Filemaker Server. I can connect on local network to the Filemaker hosted files, however i would like to connect (through the Linux box) to the Filemaker hosted files from outside our internal network. The filemaker box has a local network IP address. I can connect to the Linux box from outside through a VPN, but i dont know how to connect then to the Filemaker hosted files? is this something to do with port forwarding? Any suggestions would be appreciated Thanks Mike

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