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  1. We run server 5.0+ with 50 users throughout our plant. It has been very solid and reliable. Occassionaly (a few times a year) due to network traffic or someone has plugged into the network with a incompatable IP address, the FM applications loose the server's db list broadcast. All of our users have the specific server's IP address in their host listing, but the only way I can require the menu broadcast is to re-boot the server (and then all is well). This of course is not a practical thing to do in a 24/6 operation. Is there another way to refresh the server (W2K)(or from the server software) that the menu broadcast can be re-established? Thanks
  2. KnightShift

    Validation and multiple fields

    Well, first let me say that I found a solution, but before I show it Id like to answer to the two responses I received. 1. As to portaling. This works under a lot of conditions, but sometimes layouts are static with preset information that makes portaling inpracticle. 2. The field holding the employee number has several purposes. The empoyee number is stripped from a field that records the results of an employee's answers to a job check list. Using this method, I'm able to validate that the employee has reviewed and resposed to the checklist and that a valid employee number is being used. Now, here's what I was able to get to work. -------------------- IsEmpty(EmpNo2) = 1 and IsEmpty(EmpNo1) = 0 and EmpNo1 = GetRepetition(GetEmpNo,1) or IsEmpty(EmpNo2) = 0 and IsEmpty(EmpNo1) = 0 and EmpNo2 = GetRepetition(GetEmpNo,1) or IsEmpty(EmpNo2) = 1 and IsEmpty(EmpNo1) = 0 and EmpNo1 = GetRepetition(GetEmpNo,2) or IsEmpty(EmpNo2) = 0 and IsEmpty(EmpNo1) = 0 and EmpNo2 = GetRepetition(GetEmpNo,2) or IsEmpty(EmpNo2) = 1 and IsEmpty(EmpNo1) = 0 and EmpNo1 = GetRepetition(GetEmpNo,3) or IsEmpty(EmpNo2) = 0 and IsEmpty(EmpNo1) = 0 and EmpNo2 = GetRepetition(GetEmpNo,3) or IsEmpty(EmpNo2) = 1 and IsEmpty(EmpNo1) = 0 and EmpNo1 = GetRepetition(GetEmpNo,4) or IsEmpty(EmpNo2) = 0 and IsEmpty(EmpNo1) = 0 and EmpNo2 = GetRepetition(GetEmpNo,4) or IsEmpty(EmpNo2) = 1 and IsEmpty(EmpNo1) = 0 and EmpNo1 = GetRepetition(GetEmpNo,5) or IsEmpty(EmpNo2) = 0 and IsEmpty(EmpNo1) = 0 and EmpNo2 = GetRepetition(GetEmpNo,5) ---------------- One more thought: Yeah we ask this rather limited database to do alot of things and why shouldn't we. In the world of manufacturing (and other worlds too) alot of checks and balances have to be in place to prevent quality errors. FileMaker is a strong and hearty data base system with alot of up sides, but is woefully lacking background coding capabilities. So we have to work around that shortcoming and sometimes have to ask for help.
  3. This one has me stumped. This is from an employee production database, that has a repeating fields that contains employee clock numbers. To make an entry in the "Actual" field (where is validation takes place). The field "Actual" validation is this: ----------------- IsEmpty(EmpNo1) = 0 and EmpNo1 = GetRepetition(GetEmpNo,1) or IsEmpty(EmpNo1) = 0 and EmpNo1 = GetRepetition(GetEmpNo,2) or IsEmpty(EmpNo1) = 0 and EmpNo1 = GetRepetition(GetEmpNo,3) or IsEmpty(EmpNo1) = 0 and EmpNo1 = GetRepetition(GetEmpNo,4) or IsEmpty(EmpNo1) = 0 and EmpNo1 = GetRepetition(GetEmpNo,5) -------------- This works very good, but the problem now is that operations has requested a second employee field (EmpNo2) be added to cover the situation inwhich one employee starts a project and the second completes it. I can not seem to get that senerio to function, when EmpNo1 must have an entry (an be in the employee clock number field) before EmpNo2 (who must also be in the employee clock number field)can make an entry into the "Actaul" field. Any thoughts on this Thanks
  4. KnightShift

    "if" with 3 conditions

    Not exactly. There is the date factor to add in, that's where the calculation loses its ability to run correctly. There are 3 items that must be 'true' to get the info. Date=date,nc=nc,field2=something.
  5. I can't seem to find a reliable calculation for obtaining numerical information for three "true" conditions. The conditions are this: if[input date = search date] and if[field1 = "nc"] and if[field2 = "something"] then return the sum of fields 4 + 5 - Right now I am having to use a script to return these results, but given the fields that the script is working in have 40 repeating cells, I don't think I'm using the cleanest solution. Any suggestions?? Thanks
  6. KnightShift

    Cancel Script and redirect

    Your script is almost identical to the script that I'm currently running. The problem I'm attempting to resolve is after a user makes a choice and the script starts to run the print routine and the user then hits escape, they are left on the printing layout. I'm try to avoid sudden dump out and come with a solution that will redirect (after the escape) the user back to main layout. Thanks
  7. I have a printing script that directs the user to one of three printing layouts (depending upon their response to the "show message" function. If the user aborts (escape) after the redirect to one of the print pages, the script halts, but the user is looking at that layput page. How do I set it up so that when a user confirms "cancel", the script will redirect the user back to the main layout page?
  8. KnightShift

    Populating a repeating field

    never mind, I've answered my own question. Using a script that uses the "setfield" option (select the field to set, repeating cell number) will populate the repeating field in the proper cell.
  9. Is it possible to extract data from 4 individual text fields and place that data into a 4 cell repeating field in repsective order? (i.e. field1 into repeating field cell 1, field2 into the same repeating field cell 2 etc).
  10. KnightShift

    Finding text within a string

    Can't seem to find the right function for this: I need to find within a text field if the word "electronic" exisits. The field may hold up to 100 words and characters. The Extact function does not seem to work on this. Any Ideas? Thanks
  11. KnightShift

    Using a combobox to search

    Well, I resolved this issue in another fashion. I setup a search script and used the "Insert from Index" function (populated with the customer names). This did the trick (although I wist the index box was wider). Knightshift
  12. Hi All: I have a "customer information" db that has 2 layouts. Layout 1 contains the basic customer information (name, address etc) and Layout 2 will contain special info about a customer (also contains a name field [different field] from basic]. I've created an internal link from the basic layout "basic customer name" (unique fieled) to the customer information layout field "customer name". Setting this field to a combo box I can select any of the customers in the basic layout. Here's what I'd like to do: When selecting the customer field in layout 2 from the name combo box field, I'd like to search and find the record number that, that customer's record is in and return data for that record number. I want the combobox to be a search field and button(by selection), returning data n a sepfic field. Or how do I use a combo box to search? Hope I've explained this faily well Thanks
  13. KnightShift

    Date calculations

    I can quite get a handle on this solution. The object is to take a date that is in a vendor form field (date of their approval as a vendor)subtract that date from "Today's" date (no problem there). And then if the number of days from the date field to today's date is 1 to 305 days, show result "A", if number of days (here's where I have the problem in the equation) is 306 to 335 days, show result "B", if the number of days is over 336 days, show result "C". I've tried case statements, if statements etc and can't seem to get htis working quite right. The problem area is the spanning the second part of the equation, proceeding through the third part before a result is displayed.
  14. Assume this situation: A repeating text field with 10 cells. A unique alpa-numeric is placed (barcode scan) into each cell. What I want to is to prevent the dulpication of an entry that currently exists in this field. In other words I don't want the same barcode data to be used twice within the 10 cells. Can't quite fiqure out how to do this via field validation and scripting would inpracticle for the specific user. Any suggestions?
  15. KnightShift

    Clear Field from a calculation field

    Thanks for your feed back, I try a few of these ideas and advise their results Rick

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