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    Changing Object Colors

    I'm VERY new to FileMaker scripting so I may say ignorant things. If I do, I'm sorry in advance... I'm trying to work on a scheduling database for our office where our order clerks insert orders into the database throughout the day (in one FM view) and then (in another FM list view) as the projects progress from waiting to working to complete the background color of the database entry changes from red to yellow to green... Basically if I have 10 orders showing I want to be able to click the 'waiting" button on 5 of them so that they will show red, the "working" button on 3 of them so that they will show yellow, and the complete button on 2 of them so that they will show green. Kind of like an Airport flight status board. Does anyone have any ideas for a new person. Thanks if you do, Nathaniel.

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