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  1. Hey, if I wanted silence I would have posted this to Microsoft. Good Bye All
  2. Okay I discovered that a field had been changed from text to numeric. I guess while the error message I was given was not particularly rich it was sort of accurate. I would still like to hear about any comprehensive guide to checking an FMP database for ODBC compliance. For example, I know field definitions can upset ODBC can field validations affect ODBC ? can defined relationships have an adverse affect when using an ODBC connection. Regards Geoff Sutcliffe Datagaard Pty Ltd South Australia
  3. I know very little (almost NIL) about FMP. I am developing a VB application for a customer which connects to their FMP 6 database to insert/update data from outside sources. I have used ADO with a Microsoft Generic OLE-DB Provider using an FMP ODBC DSN. My program works perfectly in testing against my copy of their database, although a little slow, and I acknowledge the posts I have read with regard to slow FMP ODBC access. We can accept the slowness. However, when I point my application at the production FMP database, which I am told is the same structure as the test database I was sent to work with (no data) I get the following error: "-2147217900 [Filemaker][ODBC FileMaker Pro Driver]Incompatible datatypes in expression :=" I have been through the field list and there do not appear to be any ODBC compliance issues with the field names used. (Which has caused me problems before). Has anyone come across this error and know the solution ? Is there a definitive reference guide for ensuring that an FMP database is ODBC compliant ? Regards Geoff Sutcliffe Datagaard Pty Ltd South Australia
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