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  1. I am an employee of a school board and realized that a database would make work easier for staff as it would allow them to enter data once and then show in all different layouts so I created a database and sold the board on the idea. When I submitted a bill for the database, two companion files and in my business name they ignored it and paid me the amount I requested but for clerical work. Every school ( 1000) uses it. For the last two years they have asked me to make cosmetic changes to the way the layouts look but did not want to pay me . I insisted that because this database developer work is not in my job description and I did it at home on my own time, it needs to be valued over and above my work as a teacher and consultant. They now say that they will pay me but that I must 1) give them a password so they can do any future editing 2) teach another person on staff how to edit. I have thought about this long and hard and believe that asking me to give them a password is tantamount to asking a developer to give them the code. 1) Do you agree? I think that they should have access to their layouts only( letters) but not the main menu. 2)Is there a way of giving them editing access to layouts and and the ability to add fields but no access to the scripts and calculations ? [color:"blue"] [color:"blue"] [color:"blue"]
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