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  1. It WORKS!!! You, my dear Queue, are a GENIUS!!! THANK YOU! jmbennett
  2. Dear Queue: Regarding this script, everything works until the sort is performed. At that point, all the records in the found set share the same gID so FM goes to the first record in the found set rather than to the record where ID = gID. The sort is indispensable. How can I direct FM to go to the record where ID = gID? Set Field ["gID", "ID"] Enter Find Mode [ ] Set Field ["Show", "Y"] Perform Find [ ] Perform Script [sub-scripts, "sort by id"] Go to Record/Request/Page ["gID"] Go to Layout ["listview"]
  3. Thanks very much for your help. Ignorance is a tremendous burden. :^)
  4. There's a little more madness I'm afraid. Here's the script that takes the user from the list view to the form view. It finds a specific set of form records which, when DO Name="**click here to select name**", are still available to be filled out. That's why it's necessary to "show all records" when they go back to the list view. And that's where I seem to be losing the connection to the current record. Go to Field ["ID"] Copy[select,"ID] Show All Records Go to Layout["formview"] Enter Find Mode[] Go to Field["ID"] Paste[select,"ID"] Go to Field["DO Name"] Insert Text[select, "**click here to select name**"] Perform Find[] I tried building the script with the global field as you suggested but get the "No records match this request" message upon execution. Will it still work if Show All Records is added? And where in the script should it appear?

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