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  1. Ok, I am migrating an biding database from 5.5. In the old version I have a calc field the references discription fields in the same table and gives me a paragraph that is printed with the dollar amount for that"Area". In the new version, I have made a join table that holds all the line items making it much more flexable, however, how do you summerize text fields from a related table and show them in a paragraph?
  2. sethbowers

    <index missing>

    What does this mean? I placed a field in a related tables layout and this is what shows?
  3. sethbowers

    Show all Records, not showing all

    Am I missing something? I have a value list to pull the sales persons id number from the staff table, placing it in the clients table. But the value list only shows the first record in the staff table.
  4. sethbowers

    Sequential count inserting

    That is what I needed, thanks much. You saved me many an hour.:
  5. When creating a record I need a number inserted in order to count the records that are related to a given master file. I.E. Our bids have multiple rooms, each room needs a serial number. Kitchen, 1, Bathroom, 2 etc. I have tried multiple ways to find the current record count, add one to that, etc... I know it is something simple, i just can't figure it out.!?.
  6. sethbowers

    Image Quality

    I am trying to use a illustrator file as the background for a letter. When the letter prints the image quality is very poor. Can anyone instruct me as to how to maintain the 300 dpi or so image quality when printing?
  7. sethbowers

    Just the Facts.

    Server is another issue. We have it, but have not been able to get it to work properly. One thing at a time as it were. Is there anything we should be doing for maintaince? I know with ACT we needed to.
  8. sethbowers

    Just the Facts.

    Is file>open remote the same thing? That is how we have done it to this point.
  9. sethbowers

    Just the Facts.

    I have been developing and deploying a fmp 6 database for my company for two years now. The issue I keep having is one of unrecoverable data. We do quotes for people, so we have a bid db and sub db called bid areas. The areas db is not large (13mb), but it keeps getting corrupted. Now the question, What are any items I should be looking for in order to fix this reoccurring problem. i.e. shut downs, improper relationships, anything that might be causing this. We have 10 files that relate and the areas db is the only one with problems.

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