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  1. Thanks for the replys! Trisha - I intend to spend some time on the board, although I may do nothing more than lurk, just to keep from asking too many dumb questions. I firmly believe in using the search function! Stanlyey - Thanks for the input. I looked on Amazon and saw both books. I need something that I won't outgrow too quickly, yet not struggle with in the beginning. Thanks Guys! Duane
  2. Exactly what I needed to know. I figured that it would be a no-brainer! I can see that I need to buy a good reference. Is "FileMaker Bible" worth the $50 I would have to pay, or is there another that would be better? Thanks again for the tip.
  3. I'm trying to self-teach myself FM Pro and so far have had pretty good luck,but now I have run into a snag. The DB that I've written has about 70 records, more or less. One of the fields is a date-shipped field that is blank until the item is shipped. What I would like to do is print one of two reports. One where the field is blank (nul value, not yet shipped) and one where a date has been entered (not nul, shipped). I tried "if-then" and "isempty" statements in a script, but I'm doing something fundamentally wrong. Is there an online resource where I can learn this ridiculously simple process? Maybe a thread that I missed? I've done a quick search through the posts and have managed to become really confused. Is rhere a good reference book that would be of value up through, say, the intermediate level. BTW, the version that I have is FM 5.5. Thanks, Duane

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