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  1. I feel a little stupid, but I'm replying to myself, as I got this working in FM7, thanks to this post here: helpful message board posting This was the most helpful part: "The calculation must result in a string representing the file path in the same format used by the "Insert Picture/QuickTime/File" script commands. (Just an in any calculation, literals must be enclosed in quotes.) Supported formats for the pathname include the following: file:directoryName/fileName filemac:/volumeName/directoryName/fileName filewin:/driveletter:/directoryName/fileName filewin://computerName/shareName/directoryName/fileName image:directoryName/fileName imagemac:/volumeName/directoryName/fileName imagewin:/driveletter:/directoryName/fileName imagewin://computerName/shareName/directoryName/fileName movie:directoryName/fileName moviemac:/volumeName/directoryName/fileName moviewin:/driveletter:/directoryName/fileName moviewin://computerName/shareName/directoryName/fileName " The posting mostly sums up how to do it. I just did a Set Field Calculation for the container field that had the correct (calculated) path. The kicker for me was getting the path format correct enough so that the container field would accept it, and set up the reference. Anyway, I hope that helps someone else out there! And thanks to the original poster whoever they may be. Sorry for the slight hijack of this thread, but it seemed related.
  2. I've been trying to do this as well, only in FM7, since the client doesn't want to upgrade. I understand it can be done in 8 with a variable. Any ways to do this in 7?
  3. otterboy

    Many to Many, join tables, and Menu Lists, help

    Wow, that's great. It's a different approach to what I've been doing, and it's got me out of my rut! I did notice that if I delete all the organisms from the image, I don't get the deleted organisms back to select from in the list, but I've only spent about two minutes looking at it. I'm leaving town tomorrow, so don't think me rude if I disappear for a couple days. I really appreciate your help with this, I will peruse the file more carefully in the meantime. Thanks again for the suggestions.
  4. otterboy

    Many to Many, join tables, and Menu Lists, help

    This is my conundrum, and it does end up being a many to many both ways, which is why I ended up with the linking table. I see now that I need to work from the linking table layout. I've been working from the Image table layout, and able to pick the organisms in the portal via a menu list. Obviously if I work from the linking table there isn't an issue of trying to pass the right field to the linking table. Thanks for your comments.
  5. otterboy

    Many to Many, join tables, and Menu Lists, help

    Thanks for the naming tip, I've been learning FM7 on my own, so I don't know any of the conventions used, I'm just now to the point where I'm knowing enough to ask questions...: Without the linking table, how do I build the relationship between the two tables to show only related records? I'm not clear on what the keys would be in the case. What I want eventually is to have a portal on both layouts (Image and Organism) that shows all the related records. So from an organism layout, there are a bunch of images in a portal with a "Go to Related Record" button next to them, so that I can pick out a specific image, and view that image. I also may need multiple organism related records on the Image page, since some images may contain more than one organism. Does that change your advice at all? I'm sorry I didn't explain it more thoroughly the first time. But it's very clunky, because you have to choose a serial number rather than a name in the drop-down list in order to create a record in ImageOrganismLinker which contains the serial numbers, which is not very intuitive. These tables are a smaller piece of a much larger database, but I've run into this problem several times before, and I'm not sure how to solve it. Thanks again for your response. I will try playing with it to make it work without the linking table like you suggested. -Jon
  6. My setup: 3 Tables - Images - Organisms - ImagesOrganismLinker Each of Images and Organisms has a serial number. The linker table contains only two serial numbers, from records in each of the Images and Organisms tables. On the Images table, I have a drop down that contains a value list of Organism names. When a record is created in the Images table, and an Organism is selected, I need to have a record created in the linker table, containing the two serial numbers. What I have so far doesn't exactly do this. Can someone help me make this work? deleteme.fp7.zip
  7. otterboy

    Changing the text on a button

    I knew I was going to feel like an idiot. Thanks ya'll!
  8. otterboy

    Changing the text on a button

    This is a stupid question, but I can't figure out how to change the text on the face of a button once it's been created. How do you do that?
  9. Roger that. Thanks!
  10. I am trying to export selected fields from a record that contains a portal. I want to export only the first line in the portal, and not all of the lines in the portal. How do I limit things to just the first line?
  11. So I have a photo database that I built with FM. In the database, I have a record for each image, with a smallish thumbnail of the image the record relates to. The larger original images are kept in a directory on my drive that has a bunch of subdirectories containing images from different months and locations. I wanted a button in filemaker that I could click and have the large version of the image for that record pop up. The problem was that the paths might change, and I couldn't hard code location data into filemaker. The solution: Write a bit of applescript that uses the terminal to execute unix commands to find the file. So I have a field that contains a bit of applescript that is generated for each record, like so, based on the ID of the current record (which is also the base filename of the image, and is essentially the date the image was taken): "tell application ""Terminal""
  12. otterboy

    finding current record

    Don't follow sports, so I can't contribute to that, but thanks for solution(s)!
  13. otterboy

    finding current record

    I've hunted around, but haven't been able to find anything about this. I am trying to write a script that will find the current record, and only the current record, so that I can import a bunch of data from a file into it. I've tried several different scripts, but haven't been able to get it to work. Is this really easy? Am I being stupid? Can you suggest something?

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