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  1. Thanks for your help Vaughan , I used colours as an example, two date I have created a field that stores a variety of names, some being one offs but the majority are in comma separated lines. To date for instance I have 3200 separate records with a large variety names. The names are related to photographs in each record, thus containging more than one name sometimes. I had hoped this would be relatively simple, as I can get a list real easy using the index mode and was hoping FileMaker had a command that would return the result with a quick formula. Michael
  2. Hello, I am having trouble in getting FM5.5 to count the individual words in a field for a number of records, ie: If I have a field called colours and the first four records looked like this.... Red, Blue, Green, Grey Red Red Purple, Green, Brown Now if I use the "Index" function I get a list of all the individual words and I can get a field count for each record but what I need is how many times each word appears even separated by a comma. Therefore, I would like to do is count each of the words that appear so that I get something that looks like this: Red 3 Blue 1 Green 2 Grey 1 Purple 1 Brown 1 Any help would be greatly appreciated Thank you

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