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  1. Hello A while ago I developed a filemaker database for a small not for profit organisation. For the last couple of years they've been using it no problem, but recently it's started 'hanging'. Well sort of! They can be working away on it and it's all fine, they can quit without any problems and it saves the info fine. But then without warning and any sign of problem, the Quit Filemaker option disappears from the menu and it seems to not save information they've just entered. They haven't been able to spot any patterns in what causes the problem. Filemaker support themselves haven't come across this problem before and can't help. They've tried reinstalling the software and installing updates but that hasn't helped. They run FMPro on two computers and it happens on both machines. I've not come across this before either. Any ideas anyone? Thanks Nicole
  2. Hello I work for a small charity in the UK and about a year ago, we started using filemaker to drive a few of our web pages - one with search functionality: http://www.wrc.org.uk/jobsvol/search.htm for instance. Our broadband, emails and website hosts used to be Demon but we moved our web hosting to another company that specialises in filemaker hosting. Unfortuantely we've not been impressed and want to move to someone else. Ideally we'd like to move back to Demon to have everything in one place. Having spoken to Demon, filemaker isn't something they're familiar with but they say if I can provide them with information on the server requirements, they'd be able to say for sure whether they can host the info or not. I'm not sure what they're after! Can anyone help? Or can anyone recommend a hosting company we could use? We use ASP to talk to filemaker and would prefer to carry on using it so we don't have to try to learn something new. Thanks Nicole
  3. Hello I'm designing a database where I'd like to have some fields hiden on my print layout if they're empty. The fields in question will rarely have info in them. Is there a way of hiding them (or more specifically their labels) from a layout if the fields themselves are empty? I can't think of any little tricks to achieve this. I thought they'd maybe be a script that would use the sliding/printing control but I can't find that option. Any thoughts? Thanks
  4. Hello I'm using filemaker with ASP for our website - using it to list training events. One of the things for each training event is an automatic link to a booking form. We do this by having a New Record script that puts the following in a field: Download, fill in and return this form / Large Print Booking Form But because we need it to be a piece of text, we have to put quote marks around it in the calculation field so it becomes "" Unfortunately the quote marks around the href link confuses the calculation and it doesn't work. Can anyone think of a solution? Thanks
  5. Well the GP thing was only an example. I was wondering if it needed separate fields but then we'd have to do that for every field. And guess what people might want to search for. Tricky. I had hoped there'd be a more elegant solution. Hmmm.....will have to ponder.
  6. Hello Can filemaker 8.5 do this I wonder? I have a database with a layout with some drop down menus. One of these is Grade and includes: GP Principal/Partner GP Private GP Registrar GP Retainer GP Returner GP Appraiser All of these people are GPs but they're all slightly different. What I'd like to be able to do is search for all GPs. The only way I can think of doing that at the moment is to go into the find mode, choose GP Principal/Partner, create a new request, choose GP Private, and so on down the list. Another way would be to display the Grade field as a check-box field in the find mode. So the field displays as a menu in the browse layout and a check-box field in the find mode. I can't see any way of doing this but is there? Thanks Nicole
  7. Sorry for being dense, but that's what I don't see how to do. How do you paste a colour (or a coloured box) or anything into the field? Where are you getting the coloured box from? I tried creating a table cell in word and colouring the cell a colour, copying it and then pasting, but that didn't work. So then I created a square in fireworks - no joy. Then I thought, I'll copy your square.....nope. Bit stuck. So I've attached a zip file of my database. Hope it works. thanks Nicole mwf.fp7.zip
  8. Thanks. I kinda get the concept but I'm having problems getting it to work - perhaps because I've never worked with container fields before. So I created three fields: g.backgroundcolour g.findcolour g.browsecolour Then the script becomes: Allow user abort [Off] Set field [Members info::g.backgroundcolour;/*Members' info::g.findcolour*/ Enter find mode Pause Perform find Set field [Members info::g.backgroundcolour;/*Members' info::g.browsecolour*/ I see what that's doind - you define what the find colour and browse colours are and then the script sets the background colour to be one then the other. But it isn't working. And I think that's because I'm not sure how to define the find and browse colours. I see in your example, that you've defined the background colour in the layout mode. But how are you defining the find and browse colours? I can't see how that's happening. In layout mode, they are white. In browse mode they're different colours. Have you inserted a picture - that's actually just a colour? Or is there some easier way to make a container field have a colour? I'm a bit stuck! Thanks Nicole
  9. I've noticed that in databases I design, people often end up in the find mode and don't realise. Or they forget. So they perhaps click the find button get a bit confused by something and then forget they're searching. The difference between the browse layout and the find layout isn't great! I was thinking of changing the find layout - maybe a background colour to make sure people are aware of where they are. But I can't figure out how to do that. Any thoughts? Or other solutions?
  10. Thanks! After a bit of fiddling, the first solution worked. Code is now: Case( IsEmpty(address3) and IsEmpty (address2); address1 & ", " & address4 & ", " & postcode; IsEmpty(address3); address1 & ", " & address2 & ", " & address4 & ", " & postcode; IsEmpty (address2); address1 & ", " & address3 & ", " & address4 & ", " & postcode; address1 & ", " & address2 & ", " & address3 & ", " & address4 & ", " & postcode )
  11. Hello I have a database which takes address fields and combines them into one address field (for our website so we don't have to do asp stuff with lots of address lines!). So we have fields: address1 address2 address3 address4 postcode I wrote a simple CASE calculation to return results if either of lines 2 or 3 are blank (lines 1 and 4 are always full) but can't figure out what to do if BOTH 2 and 3 are blank. You end up with addresses that look a little like this: My house,, This street, BR2 6PA The commas look messy. I've tried using AND, I did a search and looked at a previous post which suggested using not IsEmpty but it's not happening! Here's what I've got: Case ( not IsEmpty ( address3) and not IsEmpty ( address2) ; address1&", "&address4&", "&postcode; address3=""; address1&", "&address2&", "&address4&", "&postcode; address2=""; address1&", "& address3&", "&address4&", "&postcode; address1&", "&address2&", "& address3&", "&address4&", "&postcode) Basically everything works, it just ignores the whole not empty stuff. Any thoughts? Thanks Nicole
  12. OK so the computer I'm playing with has filemaker pro, server and server advanced. I've also checked that the filemaker services are all started. But my question is now what? I've looked in all the help info and searching for server advanced info just brings up things like "to share more complicated databases, use server advanced" or something equally helpful! Can anyone give me or point me in the direction of an overview of the concepts? Or give me a hint as to what to do next? Thanks
  13. So I'm having a bit of a play and I seem to have reached an impasse. Can anyone point me in the right direction for some reading material or give me a step by step guide? I have an old computer (PC running windows XP) which has been set up to be a web server. I've installed filemaker server advanced and filemaker pro itself. Both version 7. In the process, I also had to install Internet Information Services. My question is, now what?! I've tried looking through the Filemaker folder on the C: drive but I can't see anything obvious to play with. I've read the readme, but it doesn't really say what you do next. I thought maybe if I've installed filemaker itself, I can go to sharing and turn something on. I tried doing the instant web publishing (had to change the port because of a conflict) but it didn't work. And besides, I thought server advanced was different. Anyone have any thoughts? Thanks
  14. Now I can't get that to work either! The WeekStaffIDLessOne field doesn't work. It's just blank. I've tried defining it two ways: WeekStaffID-1 and Staff ID&WeekNumber-1 Neither work. I've also tried unticking the do not replace value...and the do not evaluate if empty. So that's not an option. I've got around it by having a seperate script that find the person's weekly summaries, copies the TOIL and then pastes it, but it's not very satisfying!
  15. Hmmm....I think I've figured out what's going on. The question is can I explain it! I now have two weekly summaries - one for me and one for a colleague. I have 3.25 hours of TOIL, my colleague has 1.5 hours. If I do a lookup using WeekStaffIDLessOne field, it brings across the TOIL for both of us. So it brings across 5.75. Is this something to do with how Running TOIL is defined in Weekly Summaries? Is it because it's a summary field? I'll try the auto-entry option as Mike suggested and see what that throws up!
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