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    Getting filenames from a directory...

    Hmmm... My apologies for wasting all of your collective time. As I read these replies... I realize that I am way, way... WAY... over my head with this stuff. My ability to "code" anything is "Enough to be dangerous". I may have to look locally for someone who can even understand the replies you all gave me. It's not you... it's me... ) Thanks...
  2. FMP-NewbieGuy

    Getting filenames from a directory...

    Thanks... That's a GREAT lead for me (us)... I just got off the phone with FMP Tech Support and they were less optimistic about this being possible... he actually said he didn't think it was at all possible. Glad to have "Power Users" here to bounce my ideas off-of. Now all I need to do is figure-out how to implement this idea. Any good FMP professionals in the Salem NH area...? Heheheh... Thanks.
  3. FMP-NewbieGuy

    Getting filenames from a directory...

    Let me try to make it simple: I want to create a screen (linked to an existing FMP Database) where I can create entries to add to the current open record (client). These entries will be text fields that I can use pull-downs or checkboxes or radio buttons or whatever to use as attributes. So, I might enter: text field: "Filename" = MyImage.psd attribute #1: "Color Mode" <pulldown> = CMYK attribute #2: "Resolution" <pulldown> = 300 dpi attribute #3: "File Format" <pulldown> = Photoshop --------------- new entry (same customer) ---------------- text field: "Filename" = AnotherImage.jpg attribute #1: "Color Mode" <pulldown> = RGB attribute #2: "Resolution" <pulldown> = 72 dpi attribute #3: "File Format" <pulldown> = JPEG --------------- new entry (same customer) ---------------- text field: "Filename" = LastImage.ai attribute #1: "Color Mode" <pulldown> = CMYK attribute #2: "Resolution" <pulldown> = line art attribute #3: "File Format" <pulldown> = Illustrator v5.5 Now... we could build this today... BUT, I don't want to MANUALLY type-in each filename due to time and potential mistyping & accuracy. I would like to find a way to automate the "Generation" of this "list" of files by having a script "ask me" what files I want to use to generate a list... I navigate to the directory via an OpenDialog box and either select a directory or a range of files... or even a SINGLE file, and the script would add all the files as seperate entries in that list waiting to have those attributes assigned to them manually. So the list would build based on how many files I selected, be it 5 or 50. I just want to know if FMP is able to "Read-In" just the FILE NAMES of files in a directory and have it generate a new list entry for each file it encounters. Is that any less confusing...? I apologize for not being able to convey this more clearly. - Scott
  4. FMP-NewbieGuy

    Getting filenames from a directory...

    -BTW- Not sure if it's relevant, but... I will be running this "script?" from a Mac-Client of FMP... but it would need to be IMPLEMENTED off of a PC (I think the admin is a PC-user) so I don't know what sort of cross-platform issues come-up when telling the app to navigate to a directory and grab filenames, etc. Just something to think of. Thanks again...!
  5. First of all... I apologize if this is not the correct forum to ask this question. MODERATORS: Please move this to it's correct forum if it is NOT in the right place and notify me of where it got moved to. Thanx!!! Now... I am looking to find out two things about my query: a) If it is possible : where to get more info on how to implement, if it IS possible Here where I just started to work, they use FMP on Macs & Wintel boxes. I am trying to implement a new process for logging information on submitted files to our department. The way (I think) I want it to work is, I open-up an existing client (record) and click on a logging button to bring me to this screen I want to create. On this screen, I want to be able to use drop-downs and note fields to define attributes of the file(s) in question... BUT... since we generally get sent anywhere from 2-files to 52-files, I don't want to manually enter every filename for two reasons: a) time : accuracy I'd like to be able to have a button that would spawn a dialog box that asks you to navigate to a directory... and once you choose that directory, it will create an entry for EVERY file in that directory using each filename & extension, to which I can assign my attributes. I'm not sure if I described it well, but I'll give you a scenario: I go to this "Logging" screen which has existing job info. I now need to generate a "List" of files that I can assign criteria and/or notes to. Each file(name) will be a seperate entry with attributes. So... I click this button and navigate to a directory with 15 files in it and click "OK". What I hope to appear in my FMP list are the 15 entries with the "FileName" field pre-populated with the filename(s) and extension(s) of the contents of that directory. Now I can assign values to each file via pull-down menues, checkboxes and add notes, etc... Is this possible, and if so... where do I begin to do my homework on implementing such functionality...? This does NOT need to be "live" where it auto updates nor does it need to be "smart" to know it's already imported those names. If I hit the button again and choose the same directory... it will create an additional 15 entries with the same name. This is not a problem. Basically, I just need something to automate the list entires using the filenames of the directory I choose. (hope this made sense) Thanks in advance. - Scott

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