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  1. I'll try the built-in FM lookout that you suggested... and if I happen to pizz him off in the process I can only take that to mean it worked! lol Thanks.. Have a great weekend!
  2. Thanks... Those look good, but perhaps more powerful than I need... I take it there isn't a way to do what I need within FIleMaker itself?
  3. I am curious... Is there any way to disable specific keyboard shortcuts or menu items? I ask because one of my colleagues, an admitted speed-freak, has been hitting <Command => by accident recently, while he has been meaning to hit <Shift => to get a "+" symbol. Being the speed demon that he is, when the Replace Contents dialogue appears, he doesn't even read the buttons and keeps going for the left one, which he whines is usually Cancel in most programs. (I have told him that Cancel is the default here, and on on the right, for a REALLY good reason, but he is an old dog and refuses to let it sink in.) Needless to say, this has messed up our DB's since there is no undo option... Thank goodness for the daily backups! So, if I can just disable this command, or at least the keyboard shortcut to get to it, it would make my life MUCH easier.
  4. ok, I was FINALLY able to get the updater to work... I had told the FMS installer originally to put FMS into Applications, with all the other applications (made sense to me at least.) Evidently the finicky updater wanted FMS to be at the top level of the drive, so (after the updater damaged my poorly placed FMS) I reinstalled FMS where it wanted to go. After that, the updater ran without a hitch. As an amusing side note, the folks here in the office are dying to not have to startup Classic to run our old FM3. They keeping tossing comments around about how anxious they are... So I keep telling them that I can do it as soon as they can give me about one free hour to transfer files over and set things up, at which point they say "Noooo! You can't do that!" That, of course, makes them realize that the hold up isn't technical really, it's due to their FileMaker "addiction". It's awfully fun to convince people that the technology is fine, it's they who are the problem. Mind you, they don't know about all the troubleshooting I've been doing here with you guys, but that's beside the point.
  5. jroths, I was having the same problem updating that you were it seems... I solved it by: - deleting the FMS folder that I had installed into Applications (and was evidently damaged by trying to run the update with it in the "wrong" place) - reinstalling FMS 5.5 v2 at the top level of the drive, where it wants to go by default. - running update 5.5 v4 again. Now all is well and FMS runs again, as 5.5 v4
  6. I'm just having a bit of trouble with this line... if [ Status(CurrentModifierKey) = 1 or Status(CurrentModifierKey) = 3] FM won't accept a line exactly like the above, stating that CurrentModifierKey is not a recognized Status Flag. I have tried replacing "CurrentModifierKey" with "Shift" but it still won't work. I must be doing something wrong, but not knowing FM scripting that well, I'm not sure what it is...
  7. ... unless I did something wrong, I seem to have converted and compressed the db files with great ease in about 5 mins. I moved them to the FMS folder on the Server machine and they all opened (for me, coming from FMP on my machine) just fine. Mind you, I only had 7 files to do, the largest being 2.5 MB and the smallest being 44k. On to the Backup Schedule...
  8. Vaughan, I must have read your mind in advance, because I have done most of what you suggest above. The machine FMS is on (a 600 Mhz iMac) had been totally scrubbed and a raw 10.2(.6) was installed. Energy Saver has been set up to keep the machine awake and other settings have been adjusted to their most basic/efficient options. The fresh install of FMS 5.5v2 has been working so far, but the updates just won't work no matter what, and they do seem to be damaging FMS in the process. I have tried to update twice now with consistent(ly bad) results. I will hold off on the auto-start tweaking for now. I have read some of the Best Practice white paper as it came with our FM package. Setting up Backup Schedules is at the top of my list (and one of the main reasons I opted for FMS) so I will be dealing with that a.s.a.p. I will be checking out the "compressing" of db files as it sounds interesting and a good idea. As for documentation, you read my mind. I always do this when I tackle something new and have been keeping notes since I began this journey. You have been absolutely amazing at providing assistance here. I simply cannot thank you enough. -N.
  9. For the record, I have just found Vaughan's post about opener files. I thought I would post the link to it, as it took me a while to find it. In case anyone else is in need of it... http://www.fmforums.com/threads/showflat.php?Cat=&Number=1433&page=2&view=collapsed&sb=5&o=all&fpart=1
  10. Success! I have managed to get the db files to be shared! (thought I still can't get the auto startup tweak to work.) Given my limited knowedge of FM, I suppose I shouldn't be embaressed, but I am. Upon reading about the backup abilities of FMS, and how it temprarily closes file to back them up, it occured to me that I may have made copies of my "old" db's while FM3 was running. I went back to the original db files, quit FM3, and started again with *closed* db files. That must have been the problem, since, after updating them in FM6, they are visible through the FM Server. Thank you to everyone for your help. Still on my to-do list are: - Get FMS to run and serve when the machine starts up. - learn about and implement Opener files. ...so I will keep checking back here, as well as elsewhere in the forums, for info on those. If you have any tips, please do post them. Thank you again! -N.
  11. AudioFreak, it was a decent stab. The "old" files do already have .fp5 at the end of their filenames. Their icons also appear, like the fresh new db, as a blank page icon. -N.
  12. I am pleased to be able report some *limited* success! I completely reinstalled FMS on the server machine. I ran FMS Config, started the server with the button, and checked the status of things via FM Pro on another machine... The brand new db file, that Vaughan suggested making above, was being served! So it seems the old db files I have are "broken" in some way, even though I have opened, checked and saved them in FM Pro 6 on my own machine. (Note: Those "old" db's are basically just updated versions of ones we are still using with FM3 until I get this new FM working. So, "old" is really only a relative term, they are still healthy in another incarnation of FM.) I also triple checked that the old db's are multi-user. Any suggestions as to how to update the "old" multi-user db's so they are shared by FM Server? Also, I am still not able to get FMS to run and serve files automatically when the server computer starts up. I have follwed the instructions at: http://www.filemaker.com/ti/107911.html and do I get FMS Startup confirmation on the Mac's startup screen, but FMP cannot see the FMS machine as a host. I still must manually run FMS Config and start the FM Server in order to have it appear as a host. Because I have reinstalled FMS since first doing the instructions listed on the above page, must I re-do all the instructions? (I installed FMS in the same place as it was last time.) And... trying to update to FMS 5.5v3 or v4 completely buggers FMS, so I am going to avoid updating it for now. Hemce, for the record, I am still running FMS 5.5v2 Finally seeing light at the end of this tunnel... -N.
  13. (...and a response to Vaughan too.) Good morning folks... Another day begins battling the FileMaker Server beast. To catch up on the posts from last night... Updates: I have tried to update from FMS 5.5v2 to v3 but an error "prevents the update from completing." The same happens when I try to run the v4 updater. In fact, trying to update seems to have damaged something, as FMS Config runs forever (30mins+) now and still the Server doesn't show as running. I will reinstall it. Might this have something to do with the fact that I can't see any app called "Filemaker Server" on the machine? Current Mac OS: 10.2.6 plain, not Server. Network Protocol: TCP/IP on my machine. I am not sure what FM Server Config is set up as, since I can't find a place to select the Networking Protocol. There doesn't seem to be any spot to select either TCP/IP or Appletalk in the FMS Config preferences. (Also, my local netowrk is functioning well, as people are sharing files, email & the net is up, printing is happening, etc.) dkemme, About making sure the db files are open in FM Server: I have manually opened the db files (by going to File -> open) and they appear to do the "expanding" things that Macs do, but that is it. I would assume that the db's are now being served, but when I go back to File -> Open they are still visible as open-able (which makes it seem like they weren't opened when I did it the first time.) Vaughan, I'm glad to hear that FMS *should* be easy to set up, because I have been wondering if I have been ripped off. I'm also glad to hear that you concur on the fact there must be a setting wrong somewhere. This has been my hunch too, I have just been stumped as to what setting it is. I have created a brand new db file, made sure it is Multi-User, and put it next FM Server Config. I have stopped and started the FM Server, and again, only the Server machine shows up under Hosts, with no files being served. I guess this means that something is really wrong. I'm going to delete all traces of FMS from the server machine and begin AGAIN. argh. As I do this, I just want to confirm something with all of you... After I install FMS again, there won't be an actual FileMaker Server application I can double click on, correct? The only way to "run" FMS is by starting it up using the FMS Config app, right? And this is because FMS runs as a daemon on the machine...? -N.
  14. Vaughan, I set the machine up so FMS started itself at System Boot, as per the instructions on the page you listed. (Upon restart of the FMS machine, the boot screen listed "FileMaker Server") However, when I run FM6 on my machine and go to File -> Open... -> [Hosts], the FM Server machine is now not visible, making me think the startup script didn't work. (I had to run FMS Config manually and <start the Server>, and then it appeared under Hosts.) I've download the patches and will update a.s.a.p... (Is an update needed to get this thing to work properly. Setting all this up seems MUCH harder than it needs to be.) As for the "opener files", yes... Telling my gang they can just double click a (local) file and type a password will get them to switch in a second. I will search the Forum for more info on them once I get this FMS thing to work for me at least. Still very much open to suggestions, and appreciating all the advice, -Neil
  15. Queue, Unfortunately, it will be next to impossible to get these folks to -not- use the Hosts route since that is what they are used to. (I'm also not quite sure what an "Opener" file is.) Whatever the case though, I'm not too worried about that aspect of things, since everyone here behaves. Also, the db's we use are dead simple... a contact directory, a log of transmittals, etc. Nothing so complex that it would need to do anything special when opening or closing (or maybe I am missing the boat completely... I'm afraid I don't know FM & db's well enough to understand your last post. :S) As for clicking Open in the remote login, I don't see any db's whatsoever. Should I install a copy of FM6 on the Server machine, in addition to the FM Server that is already there? Or is that just asking for trouble?
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