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  1. I have several detailed reports that I would like to export as a PDF file to send via email to colleagues. Can I do this in FM 6 or do I need to export the records to Word, format as needed and then save that document as a PDF file? If FM 6 does't support exporting to PDF, do more recent versions? It may be worth it to upgrade. Thanks, Nicci
  2. I want to show a layout in a file in a pop-up window. I have file 1 and file 2 and start with both files open, but file 2 window is hidden. On a layout in file 1, I click on a button, and I want it to show file 2 window on top of file 1 window. Currently, file 2 window opens, but it appears behind file 1. How do I get it to appear on top? Secondly, how can I get the layout in the file 2 window to appear at a set size every time. Currently, the size varies depending on what I last had that file open as. I want this layout to only appear at a certain size. Thanks FileMaker Version: 5 Platform: Mac OS 9
  3. niccig

    Securing Dates used by FMP

    We're on Macintosh platform OS 9.1
  4. Hi, We're building a FMP 6 database that is basically a library catalog of museum artifacts. Our loans system is dependent on dates example: due date=today +14 ; no. of days late= today-due date etc. If we go into the computer's settings and change the date, it then affects dates of all new loans. For eg. change the computer's date to 1/1/1900 and the due date with be 1/15/1900. Is there a way for us to "lock" the date system used on the computer so no one else can change it? Or is there a plug-in or file that we can get today's date from, rather than use the computer's settings. Eventually, we'll be accessing the database over a server. Please advise if I need to post this elsewhere. Thanks for any help. Nicci and Chris

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