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    FileMaker 1

    Thanks for all the replies. I should've been more sepcific. It was made in Filemaker Pro I on a mac. The file extension is still .fm for filemaker Pro 1, rather than the more recent trend to go for .fpx I took the disks, as the mac broke, and converted the disks to pc format so that I could read them. I tried to open in Filemaker Pro 3 on my PC, but it told me to get lost. One would assume the reason for this is that Filemaker Pro 3 for PC was released 95/96 I believe, whereas Filemaker Pro 1 for Mac was released a long time before this. I did actually solve this problem though .One of my friends has a mac, with the MAC version of FMP 3 on. The Mac version of FMP3 which was released before the PC version converts FMP1 files to FMP3 files. SO I converted them striaght to FMP3, and then put them back to PC, and converted the FP3's to work in my current FileMaker Pro 5.5 Also, a nice piece of ancient history, I found Filemaker Pro 1 disks for the Mac. Thanks very much for all your replies. Shame it was made harder by lack of pre-version conversion for newer releases, but eventually, I got it all working. Thanks
  2. Lex

    FileMaker 1

    Well, usually with conversions you can open the old version, in the new program. For example FM3 can open filemaker 2 files. I think that is the way it has always been done, going back one version, but I can't seem to get anything to open Filemaker 1 files. "Is it written on a stone tablet or a punchcard or something???" Pretty much Its old, but it works..well..worked. So really what I was looking at doing is converting the database to a new one in the new FileMaker, but I can't do that until I convert the filemaker one file .fm to filemaker pro 3 format, or later preferably. I couldn't find anything on the filemaker conversions on the FileMaker site, so I'm kinda stuck.
  3. Lex

    FileMaker 1

    I wasn't sure where to post this, so I apologise if it is in the wrong forum, and if so, could a moderator please move it to the correct place. I have a very old database in Filemaker 1. I cannot find my copy of Filemaker 1. I now own a newer version of FileMaker, but cannot open the .fm files which were created with FileMaker 1. Does anyone know a way I can convert these files to a newer version? Is there a free solution to this problem? As far as I know it is only FileMaker 1 and 2 which will read Filemaker 1 files and convert them. I now only have the newer version of Filemaker, so I am stuck in converting the files. Is there any free conversion software available? Where can I get it?

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