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  1. Sorry for not making it clear myself. Here is what I try to do. I want to build a small DB to allow swimmer to register their swim meet. One of the validation is that they CANNOT have duplicated event number with the SAME Meet ID. File: SwimMeetEntry.FP5 Serial#: number, increase by 1, cannot modify Meet ID: number Event Number: number , valid only DupFlag = 0 DupFlag: Case ( IsEmpty(Event); 0; Serial# = SELF Relation name::Serial#;0;1) Self relational by MeetID = Meet ID and EventNumber =Event Number This set up is work fine under FMP 6, but it's not work for 7 or 8, actually it's not work properly. I am using FMP 8 Advance on Window XP. I could not find where I can attach the file for you to look at it. If you don't mind please give you email then I can send to you. My email address fmnext@yahoo.com Thank you very much for your time
  2. To validate the duplicated record , I used SELF relational and serial# to do like this if serial# <> SELF.serial# then DupFlag is TRUE otherwise DupFlag. It works fine in version 5.5 or 6.0, but it seems NOT work properly in version. DupFlag is always TRUE even there is no duplicated record. I just switch to Version 8, still new to it since the architect of 8 is totally diff from its earlier versions. Any help or idea woulf be appreciated very much Thanks guys.
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    Sorry I had a problem with log in to reply to you Thank you very much for your help. It works
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    Hi, I am using version 8 on XP. I am trying to build a small DB to keep track my son's swim meet time results. The problem I have is that how do I define the TYPE of the field to hold time from swim meet. The data look like this 1.34.02 or 34.54. How do I compare which number is fatser than the other. Like on 1/1/2005 50 yard Freestyle. His time was 1:36.54 on 3/1/2005 50 yard Freestyle. His time was 55.36 How do I tell FMP that 55.36 is faster 1:36.54 Please hlpe. Thanks ;)
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    Anyone have experience with FMConnector?

    I am running on XP. FIlemaker PRO verison6.0v4. I downloaded the trial verions and followed instructions to intall FMConnector, CalendarLite. When I open CalendarLite, then I got this message:"Filemaker not open...". even my FMP is openning. What do I miss here? We are very interest your products idea, specically the Report Pivot. Please help me to find out why I got this message? If this is the right tool for us, we have many users who will need it? Thanks in advance.

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