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  1. Is it possible to upgrade FM Server 8 to 9 and leave Web Publishing component on version 8? I do have them installed on 2 separate machines and the web machine is OS 10.3 so it would not let me install the Web PUblishing 9. The actual server master machine is OS 10.4. Thank you very much!
  2. I am trying to run a script that is in one of the databases hosted by FilMaker Server 8. I used to do it via cron job that would run apple script that would open that db in FM Pro. I am trying to eliminate FM Pro and just run the script on the FM SErver machine. Is it possible? Thank you!!!!
  3. Check your "$webCompanio nPort" - is there a typo (blank) or is it just copy-paste result?
  4. I am trying to perform an "OR" search when one search parameter is always the same in every new request and one is changing. If I would be doing it in FM I would add new request every time the second param is a different field whereas the first param would be the same in every request. How can I do it in FX? I know there is AddDBParam('-lop', 'or'), but where would I place it? Any ideas are very appreciated. Thank you
  5. I am not sure if it is the right place on this forum to place my question. I am importing records into FileMaker db hosted on FMSA8. The imports are done via ODBC connection every 15 minutes. I need to trigger some events each time the import is done. OR each time new record is created. Basically thru ODBC I can import the data only into a table with a certain name and into certain fields. After that I need to re-import the data into my regular tables that all users can access. I cannot use calc fields in those tables so the reimport is the only way left. Any ideas are very appreciated. Thank you!
  6. What kind of computer is your FMSA8 on? I did upgrade my machine from OS 10.3.9 to tiger and reinstalled FileMaker server. After that it started working. Apparently FMSA8 has issues with 10.3.9 - even when you install the XDBC plugin it does not open the port 2399 which is required by FileMaker ODBC CLient. Now I can connect from Win XP Pro and Win 2000
  7. Did you ever figure out how to fix it? Thank you!
  8. I am trying to establish ODBC connection from my Windos XP machine to FileMaker database on the FileMaker Server 8 Advanced. I did enabled ODBC shraing on the file, I did check "allow ODBC connections" in Server Admin, I did set the correct Extended privileges, and I did install ODBC driver on my windows machine. When I try to setup a DNS it gives me an error SequeLink TCP/IP error 2306 (connection refused) I tried to setup DNS to the same db on my windows machine - worked fine. I assume there is a problem with the Server. I did put XDBC plugin into Server/Extensions/plugins but I am not sure if it up to date. Where can I get the most recent copy of xDBC plugin for FileMaker Server 8 ADvanced? I think that might be a problem because when I run netstat -a, SequeLInk port 2399 is not there even though when I do fmsadmin list plugins, xDBC is there. PLease help!!! ANy ideas are very appreciated!
  9. I need that application running all the time. I have my files on the server and to open them on the client machine I use the "opener" FM db. It actually opens FM file hosted on the client machine and then a file that I need on the server. I do not want the "opener" file to pop up every minute even though it does not really do anything. If there is some way to avoid possible closure of FileMaker file on that computer, that would help too, but I do not how to do that. My goal is to have that file open all the time. Thank you!!
  10. Does anybody know how to write an apple script that would check if particular FileMaker file is open at the moment? Thank you !!!
  11. Hi, I have a FileMaker database published with XSLT. When users access it on the web, it asks for username and password - as it is supposed to do. However, every time they browse pages or refresh, it asks for a password again and again and it becomes very annoying..(( They mostly use IE 6. Any help is very appreciated! Thank you
  12. Guys, thank you very much! I changed printing prefs both in Safari and IE - now it works perfect.. Thanks again!
  13. Hi, I have a small database published through IWP. Some of the layouts have lines and circles in them. When I view db on the web - everything is displayed fine. However if I try to print (or print preview) all the shapes (lines & circles) dissapear. Any ideas? Thank you for the help.
  14. I am working with FM 7. Anyways - tried that. It looks like it does not return data only if I am using particular layouts. If I use layout that contain ONLY fields from this database - it returns data. If I use layout that contains fields from related db's - it does not. User names and passwords are identical for all the related databases. Also, if the record is being created - I can't see it via FMPXMLRESULT link using layouts other than the one that was used to create it. I've spent so much time trying to figure this out and I am getting really frustrated...: Please help....
  15. I am new to FMSA 7. Could you tell me where I should look for that page? So far I found only the default error page in on of the Library/FileMaker Server 7/... folders. Thank you very much!
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