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  1. I have a MySQL 5 database. I have a limited PHP web interface to update and display data to & from MySQL. PHP is escaping out ' characters fine, no problem here. My main interface is on Filemaker 8.5. This is where all the data is created and updated. It's working great using import and MySQL commands with Actual Technologies ODBC. HOWEVER it does not escape the ' characters and produces ODBC errors. I've tried the substitute command in Filemaker, but it doesn't substitute ' for '. Not a major problem, just can't use those 's. Any ideas??? THANKS
  2. OK, my FileMaker brain came back to me. I lost somewhere. But... It's fixed and working fine. Thanks
  3. Vaughan, thanks for the fast response. I think I follow you; - Build invoices layout in the sale items db (no problem) - Relate the customers in a leading summary part. (no problem) The related record script throws me??? explain a bit more. THANKS Larry (Mac)
  4. I have any invoicing system. Databases - customers and sales items. Customers has a layout - Invoice. Some customers that have a small amount of sales items, they only need a 1 page invoice, but a some customers need a 2 page invoice. I can't figure out how to get Filemaker to continue the sales items on the second page of the invoice. I'm using a portal in the customer database, and linking the sales items fields. ideas?? Thanks larry@mcss-nc.com

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