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    Insert data into a field?

    Hi LaRetta, > if you want a checkbox to have a check if certain conditions are met and you don't want Users to be able to change this checkbox, then a calculation is the way to go. It's only me using the DB. And it's simply to automate a function (checking the other boxes when a certain box is checked) that I now have to do by hand (and sometimes forget). > Redraw your checkbox field so only the box shows. You don't need the 'Y' to show - checked always means yes! Yeah, that's the part I'm good at <s>. > If you could explain exactly how this checkbox will be used, we might be able to give other ideas This now applies to 2 databases I'm using for my business, and in each case it's the same: When one box is checked, I want that to automatically trigger checking another box(es) (or in one case, changing a radio button field). > but try it ... I think you'll find a calculation may be what you're looking for. I will try it, thank you, following your instructions above. And if you have any other ideas of how this might be accomplished...I'd love to hear them. Karen
  2. Hi, All I want to do is have other check box(es) automatically checked ("y") when I check another, specified box. Sounds so easy. Is impossible! All I can find in the FMP help script section is how to insert a calculation. Not relevant as far as I can see. Although I'm a pro at creating layouts, obviously I'm a total dummy when it comes to automation and scripts. Help!!! Karen

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