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  1. Fei

    Running inventory total

    No problem.
  2. Fei

    Running inventory total

    Do a relation from the inventory screen product code to your invoice line item product code. Then at the total on hand qty in the inventory screen, create a calculation for it whereby you have goods receiving qty - invoice item qty.
  3. Fei

    Function Reference Chart

    Finally received mine. Fantastic posters.
  4. Fei

    Need help defining relationship

    You can create an extra table then relate to both arrival date. Then you can do sort from there.
  5. You can create a SUMMARY field and choose COUNT and point to any one of your field. In your case you can choose your customer name. It will calculate for u the total of customer.
  6. Just add @@ at any where of your record.
  7. Under define fields > validation > and tick maximum no. of chars.
  8. Fei

    Function Reference Chart

    I still haven't receive my copy yet.
  9. Are you talking about portals ? If add a record in a record, basically we are talking about portals. Correct me if I am wrong.
  10. Fei

    Number of portal row in field - NOT using @@

    Create a dummy number field with auto increment from 1. Then create a new calculation field called item. If(Dummy=Dummy;0;0)+1+Case(Get ( PortalRowNumber );Get ( PortalRowNumber )-1;0)
  11. Maybe you can use auto enter calculation and use back the same calculation that you have created.
  12. Fei

    New to Server 8 Adv - HELP!!

    Go to your control panel. Then choose administrative tools. Run configure your server. Install the webserver.
  13. Open filemaker pro client software. Click on File > Recover. Point to your database file. Save to a new file name. Delete the old one. Rename the new file to the database name you desire. Restart the server engine.
  14. I thought the server engine come with a consistency check ? As long as it display normal the database health I presume should be ok ? Correct me if I am wrong.

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