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  1. sky

    Multiple Layout print

    You could set the file path to the 'Desktop' so users can easily find the file, perhaps also displaying a dialog to notify them that's where it is... e.g in your script: All the best...
  2. sky

    FM Go 1.1.1 is out!

    This is great news..! I've been holding off from getting it, but now that there is Save/Email PDF support it's a winner - just gave it a quick test on my iPod touch 2nd Gen and it works great - the PDFs are high quality...
  3. sky

    "Go" and get it!

    Does look great! Biggest limitation I can see at the moment though is the inability to export PDF or Excel from within the app... Ideally, would be great to be able to save a record as a good quality PDF and then be able to email it... I'm thinking things like Invoices, Contracts, etc... Then the hand-held office will really work! Please please may it come in future update.... For now though, I guess a workaround would be to use a server hosted database and have a sort of queue system with a scheduled script running on the server to pick up 'waiting' records/documents and have it process and email them from there... oops, no that wouldn't work either - Server cannot export PDF or Excel either... Hmm, maybe could work fine just using regular FileMaker client with an OnTimer Script running... ho-hum... Still, it's brilliant that FileMaker have made good strides with this...
  4. Hi there, Using the new 'OnViewChange' script trigger it is now easy to make the toolbar view mode buttons result in the appropriate layout being displayed for each mode, as shown in one of the demo videos on the filemaker website: http://www.filemaker.com/products/demos/index.html#script_triggers This is great, and works fine on one of my solutions when it is run locally, but when it is hosted by FileMaker Server 11 I get the following dialog every time the view mode button is clicked and resulting script trigger is run: "Do you wish to save this change with the layout? - Yes/No" I have tried it using exactly the same starter solution ('Invoices') and the exact same script etc as used in the demo video and still the same problem... works fine on local file, but not on server hosted. I'm sure there is a work-around... In fact I have done this before using custom menus in FileMaker 10... Would be neater to do it as demoed for FM11 though... any ideas? thanks, Sky.
  5. sky

    Creating PDF's

    True - does save it into the same directory as the FileMaker file.... does need the '$' dollar symbol to give it correct file name tho'...
  6. sky

    Use Filemaker to fill web forms

    I have done this before by using the 'cURL' command line tool... Sounds like you are on Windows as you are using IE... On Mac, I would just execute an AppleScript using the 'Perform AppleScript' script step. This AppleScript would perform the terminal command line that executes the cURL command to submit form data based on data provided to it by a calculated field in FileMaker.... Maybe worth looking up some info on cURL, and also how you might be able to execute that on the Windows platform... There are also FileMaker plugins that would do this such as NetTools ( http://www.acmetech.com/products/nettools/nettools.html ) Hope this helps
  7. sky

    Creating PDF's

    This will save a PDF to your Desktop, named by your Invoice number: Set Variable [$path; Value: Get ( DesktopPath ) & invoices::invoice_number & ".pdf"] Save Records as PDF [Restore; No dialog; "$path"; Current record] I think the answer above wouldn't work as the '$' variable symbol is not used in the 'Save records as PDF' script step. Also think it would save it into the 'temp' directory, which gets deleted when FileMaker quits....
  8. sky

    Add some drawing tools

    I would love to see the same drawing tools that are present in Pages and Keynote (iWork) - that would be nice :(
  9. sky

    Small Job $100

    I too like 'comment's solution, but have made a slight alteration, so that for each type of shop the product list just shows the products that are possible to be stocked by that type of shop.... Shops and products are allocated 'shop type id' using popup menu... cheers, Sky. Retailers_Modified_sky.zip
  10. sky

    IWP and iPhone

    Hello, You might want to have a look at FMTouch - http://www.fmtouch.com a very interesting option imho....
  11. One way would be to define a new calculation field (with result of type 'Time') with the formula: Time ( Left ( input ; 2 ) ; Right ( input ; 2 ) ; 0 ) Sky
  12. sky

    Multiple Drop-Down Lists

    Hi there, I downloaded the file and made some modifications so it does as you desire.... You will see i created two new tables for major lead type and minor lead type, as well as two table layouts to enter data for each... Also on teh 'Record Detail' layout there is a Script Trigger on the 'Major' popup menu to clear the 'Minor' one if the 'Major' one is changed... Check it out and see if this works for you... cheers, Sky. LeadSource_modified.zip
  13. In Layout mode, just click on it, and then select 'Button Setup...' from the 'Format' menu....
  14. sky

    SMTP settings

    Could be something else, but I had same problem trying to send via smtp.gmail.com - trick was to use port 465, rather than 587...
  15. Thanks for posting very useful... Duh, I should have known to look in the Help....

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