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  1. Okay so I have one huge master list right now with all of my products on it., these are the stock items essentialy. When someone requests one of these items from the stock pile or one is used I want to be able to note that on the master list. This is now where I am having the problem. There are numerous reasons to take something from the stock pile and when an item is removed it needs to be tracked. So each item that is removed from the stock pile I want to be able to sort it into different files that will track different information depending on why it was removed.
  2. I currently have one large master file that displays inventory type information. From this file you can access numerous layouts. I want to switch from this to multiple related files. What I can not figure out how to do is to sort just the records I want into different files. Right now I simply sort all of the objects based on an X being in a feild or not being in a feild. So essentialy what I would like to do is if that X is checked it would copy to another file. Can someone please help me figure out how to do this.
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