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  1. Regarding Filemaker Pro 6v4 on Citrix Metraframe XP: We have about 30 users running Filemaker Pro on 2 different Metaframe XP servers (dual processor) with Filemaker Server hosting our databases. In certain situations, the clients will use up 100% of both CPU's on both servers for 15 to 20 minutes. It appears that every copy of filemaker on each server tries to consume as much processor time as possible. It also appears that a single user initiates the chain of events that cause this by performing an action on the database such as a sort or a find (although we are not sure which action it typically is). The filemaker server does not appear very busy and the network traffic between the filemaker server and Citrix servers actually drops during this period. Booting off users eventually leads to kicking off the user who started the problem and the CPU's on both servers are instantly freed up. I'm looking for anyone who has experienced this same issue and can offer additional information that they may have observed or anyone who may have more information on how filemaker pro 6 communicates with filemaker server that may shed some light on the subject. Thanks

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