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  1. My company uses FileMaker 6 Pro for timesheets and as a database of active and inactive jobs we're working on. We currently use the FM6 client on both PC and Mac with the .fp5 databases stored and accessed on a Windows 2003 network server. Two questions: 1) Does v.6 have security levels? Currently anyone who starts up FM and connects to our timesheets database can add, delete, or alter timesheet records at will. This is obviously not an ideal situation. Is there any way we can have employees login in to the database, and then only have access to their timesheets? 2) Does v.6 have export capabilities to QuickBooks 2008 Profession Services Edition? Specifically we're looking for a weekly timesheet upload that will import the timesheets from the timesheets database to QB, as well as import project information from the active projects database? 3) We've had copies of FM7 lying around that we got as part of the FM6 package when we bought it, but have been holding off because the FM rep had mentioned the fileformat being different and having to go through a lot of work to transfer our FM6 files to FM7. Anywho, the point being– if v.6 doesn't have the two capabilities I'm asking about above, does v.7? If I need to provide more info for those two questions to be answered properly, please ask away and I'll do my best! Thanks, m19
  2. We're currently running 5 though, not 5.5. Would it still be not much difference? (It's basically OSX compatibility we're going for here but I just want to make sure we don't hose our current FM setup in the process.) (EDIT-) Durrr, I just noticed the 4>6 upgrade thread as well, and if that works flawlessly I'm guessing I shouldn't have any problems. m19
  3. My company is getting ready to upgrade FileMaker (v6 for clients, v5.5 for server) after having used 5 (both Server and client) for many years. We've just upgraded all the Macs in the office to OSX so the Classic-only 5 is far too clunky now but we're not quite willing to take the plunge into the all-new 7 yet. Can someone give me an idea of how easy/hard it'll be to update our FM5 software, including client and server, to FM6? Will our database files be ok? How about custom records we've made (layouts, fields, info, etc.)? Anything else we should know about? Thanks, m19
  4. Bob, that link just brings me back here. = Cobalt
  5. Hmm... Thanks for those links, though I'm not sure those're exactly what I'm looking for. That's more tables and graphs and whatnot, but I'm trying to create just a graphical representation of when projects are due. A great example of what I'm trying to would be a TV guide page: days/months go across the top, projects go down the side, and the bars/boxes indicate when things are due. m19
  6. My company would like to be able to produce graphical timelines from a FileMaker database of information we've entered. Basically, we'd like to be able to input dates (the deadlines) for certain projects along with descriptions as to what's due each date and have some sort of timeline printed out. Currently we have to enter everything by and hand and then make the table in Word, but I'm looking for a solution that can show all the information "graphically" instead of just a boring [date - description] table from Word. We'd also like the timeline to be able to update itself automatically when the information in FileMaker is updated. Does that make sense? Right now, like I said, we make manual tables in Word which can get very unweildy when you have a whole bunch of projects at once, which is why we'd like to automate it to automatically pull the info from FileMaker and create a timeline. And likewise, the text-based tables just don't show the progression of a timeline as well as something like, say, a bar chart timeline sort of thing. If we'd need another external program to accomplish this, feel free to mention the solution... I'm open to all suggestions. m19

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