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  1. Hi All, I am using ESS and hooked up to ms sql db. I have a column in the db of type BIT. with possible values of zero or one. This is the typical way of storing boolean/true false values.. What is the best way to handle this in FM? I notice with radio buttons the labels and values are not seperate.. And also i can't make a single checkbox.. checked meaning true and unchecked meaning false. Am i missing something? how can i handle this? thanks!
  2. rich williams

    Filemaker MS SQL -> Filemaker as Client, backend MSSQL

    Thanks for the reply. So i've done some playing around.. And have to say. AMAZING. "I just imagine the day i can connect to MS SQL or MySQL and dump the tables i want in an FM ER diagram.. and then go about creating my layouts and have FM control the data access. " <-- AND THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT IT'S ABLE TO DO! FileMaker has come a long way. This is a MAJOR improvement. MAJOR. I am really impressed. Working on something right now and have to say that it is an absolute pleasure being able to work like this. I have setup my ODBC connection to my SQL 2008 db. Dumped all my tables into the FM ER builder/diagram thingy, defined all my relationships and voila. I am amazed at how fast the access to this remote SQL server is. Smoking. I am so sick of dealing with web based front-ends.. And Silverlight, Flex.. i've worked with them all. And each has their place. But for straight ahead DB apps.. Filemaker is the *******. They should call me to do a commercial. When i walked away from FM i thought i would never come back. Amazing.
  3. Hi All, I am an old time FM user. Versions 4-6. I stopped developing in FM about 6 or more years ago. I am now a .Net developer. I miss the ease of creating FM layouts. But hated the lack of in memory variables, non separation of BL, DB and UI.. I know many of these issues have been dealt with in one way or another. SO i have downloaded version 11. I am specifically trying to figure out if and how i can create a UI frontend that runs completely off of MS SQL DB. In the olden days i used ODBC DSNs to connect to databases to make queries. It worked but was a pain as i was basically importing and exporting result sets. A few years ago, maybe version 9 i look at a promo video which showed some sort of FM built in ER diagram thing that showed external datasource tables along side FM "tables". It also seemed as though they were saying tables were no longer tied to layouts.. Ok off topic. My question is.. Are there NATIVE data providers in FM for MS SQL? Are we still using ODBC? Is the connection live?? meaning.. do we have to manually trigger SQL statements that read and write data?? I just imagine the day i can connect to MS SQL or MySQL and dump the tables i want in an FM ER diagram.. and then go about creating my layouts and have FM control the data access. Is this the case?? Can i add external tables (whether ODBC or some native provider) and build layouts against them as if they were FM tables? And have the data i change in the layout automatically be sent to the external source without triggering a manually created SQL query (insert/update). Can i define a relationship in FM that exists in the MS SQL db and automatically have things like portals work? If so can someone please let me know what versions of FM i would need to accomplish this? Pro? Pro advanced? Server? Thanks! I hope this makes sense.. i really hope this is possible because FM is hands down the easiest and fastest way to create a front end for a DB.
  4. rich williams

    Can FileMaker create XSD for my db?

    Hi All, I am new to Filemaker XML. I am wondering if FileMaker can create an XSD file based on my FM solution? Ultimately i'd like to use the XSD to generate .NET DataSet classes.. Is this possible with FM or with 3rd party software? Also, Is it possible using the FileMaker API that people use to create plugins for FM to create a native data Adapter to FM?? Are their any OleDB drivers for FM? What is preventing someone from writing these? rw
  5. rich williams

    Import from MySQL to FM

    Vaughn - I need to automate it to some degree, would probably be easier to just use ODBC i think. Anatoli - I'm not to concerned with speed. I am looking for cheap, fast development. I don't know anything about lasso but it looks like more money and more technology i don't want at this point. Given unlimited time and money i'd love to look at it. According to the FM Pro client manual it is possible to script ODBC imports... I have my MySQL ODBC datasource setup and i'm going to give this a try. My next problem will be getting it from fm client to Server in a way that the end user can understand and actually use. Is it possible to host files from Client and open network Served fm files on the same client? Thanks guys
  6. rich williams

    Import from MySQL to FM

    OK i just posted a message below this and started reading a bunch of other posts. I thought i knew what i was doing.... Can SOMEONE please confirm, what the most practiced way of importing from MySQL to FM is. It is my understanding that a bridge app must be made that will grab from MySQL either with JDBC or ODBC and import into FM using JDBC or ODBC. Is there some way through the FM Pro scripting interface that one can import directly from MySQL into fm itself? And specifically from FM server served files? Thanks.
  7. Hi All, I am in the process of writing a simple app that will import data from a mysql Db and dump them into a couple of FileMaker Server 5.5 served files. Is this possible? I can successfully connect to the fm files with ODBC when i am serving them from the FM 5.5 client but can't seem to do so when i am serving them from FileMaker Server. Obviously there is no data access companion plug-in to the Fm Server?? Or am i missing something here? If i am forced to serve these from the FileMaker Client is it possible to run the client on the same machine as the Server? Obviously with the import files in a different location as the FM Server served files. Thanks!

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