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  1. I apologize if this is a double post but it went to portals the first time wheich makes no sense. I am a relative Novice. What I am going to ask about is something I do in Excel all the time Suppose I have a database with 100 records; I do a find on a field and locate a unique 10 of them I want a time field to start at 8AM with the 1st found record and increment by 6 minutes. until I get to the end... 8:54, I then do another find and have a unique set of 12 and again start at 8AM and add 6 minutes to each until I get to the end at 9:06 etc until I have worked with all 100. I don't want these to change based on a new find or sort unless I tell it to. I thought this would be a loop in a script but I can't figure out how to do it I assume that this is fairly simple, but as I said I am a novice
  2. stevesy

    inclduing a graphic in an Email

    Thanks. I have updated my profile to indicate that I have FMP 8 and the OS is XP. Since I do this pro bono for a non-profit organization that is cash poor, I don't think the purchase of an addin can be justified. I will just do it a harder way ( export email addresses to excel and cut and paste into an outlook email and lose the personalization)
  3. stevesy

    inclduing a graphic in an Email

    I want to send out a presonalized email to the records in my database that: i) includes a graphic ii)different fonts in text and iii) is not an attachment I am using FMP8 and Microsft Outlook I have created a field (using a text calculation) that has the text, inclduing font size. However, I am not sure how to add a graphic to the field. I have a script that runs and uses the calculated field but all the text is converted to plain text format (and loses the format) and I can't get a graphic. I made sure that my Outlook creates emails using RTF or HTML, but the email from FMP seems to always be as plain text. I have created a PDF from a layout that uses the filed and an inserted graphic. This could only be sent as an attachment but I prefer to embed everything in the email. Furthermore when I did write the script to create the PDF and attach the PDF, the script was too fast or something like that for the PDF writer and thus I had the wrong attachment Any help is appreciated but keep in mind that I am a realtive novice
  4. I am fairly new. I am trying to test if data, text or blank; IF field is text set newfield equal to it; if data, set new field as sum of this field plus another. Here is what I tried If(IsValid(S)=0 or S="", S ,T+ S ) assume S is a number fields If I have an E in Field S it prints out nothing; why? I guess because the E is not valid so it won't print it out If I had made S a text field it would be valid, but that does not help if I edit this to read If(IsValid(S)=0 or S="", "S" ,T+ S ) then it prints out S where relevant; that is because "S" is valid while the field S is not. But that does not help me as I need to print out the text in S I seem to be in a catch22

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