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  1. I've got 8 desktops in my network. We use these machines for data entry and have switched to D-Link G510 cards and a 524 router. 2 systems are still wired and sharing but the wireless 6 come up with an empty host box. All systems are going through the 524 router. The host box is one of the 2 wired systems and the db's all have multi user checked and are TCP/IP Any ideas....... Greg
  2. Greg-SSG

    Convert STATE to ST

    That was easy. Thanks MoonShadow. I'm learning more FMP everyday.
  3. Greg-SSG

    Convert STATE to ST

    Moonshadow: I like the idea of using a db to store the statename and the abbrevation. How or where would I find a sample script to use this approach. Greg FileMaker Version: 5 Platform: Windows XP
  4. I created a value list of State names ( Kansas, Missouri, New York) and need to change the text field to the State abbrevation( KS, MO, NY,....) I've changed the value list for future entries but need to change all the records existing in the current db. I got it to change one State name but the others...
  5. Queue and Jim, Thats for the help. I'm still a novice and learning. I was close but missed the set field part. Thanks Greg
  6. I've been searching the forum and still can't find a solution to change the text with-in a text field. Example: FLD Name( Desc) FLD contents( United States of America - Midwest Region) I'd like to change the contents of Desc when it has (United States of America) to just plain ol (US) so the contents will now look like ( US - Midwest Region). I've tried the Replace and Subsitute function with no luck..
  7. Hello all, I have a simple dB.fmp5 with a checkbox of YES and NO that I need to change the value from one to the other at year end. The dB has 450 records to loop through. I've got the script to clear the selected value but no luck at inserting the new value. Any help is greatly appreciated, Greg
  8. I've had no luck finding any info to help me copy my db to a cd so I can work on it at home. I get it copied but it is read only when I open it at home. Any help would be great... Greg

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