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  1. Maybe you could substitute the " for something like §§§ first, then substitute your values and then substitute §§§ for " again?
  2. Just thinking out loud here so I may miss something obvious, but you may not be able to base value lists on the values in the SQL table, but you *can* see them. If you import them once, then somehow compare the values in the SQL table and FMP over a relationship and in the value lists show only the values that exist in both, a sort of conditional value list? Going forward, you'd only need to import from the SQL source, (updating existing records) because any values that are too many in FMP would be filtered out.
  3. They are table [color:red]occurances, not tables. You are looking at the exact same table that contains the data.
  4. Haha, yes : Then again, try clicking the text tool whilst in browse mode, now that's a challenge :
  5. Yes, that would seem to be the case. If you do a lot with buttons, ie if you want to make it look like they dynamically change, I think you may want to look into another way of doing this, by showing portals in which these buttons appear rather than creating a lot of layouts.
  6. You could duplicate the layout, then adjust it to show whatever table you like and add the necessary fields to it.
  7. If you create a clone of the database on a system with US/UK formats, that clone will have those formats.
  8. In the Status Area (to the left) click on the tool with the 'A' on it, then click on the button.
  9. This is due to the activation being disturbed, somehow, by the mere fact that remote desktop is running. If you put FMP9 in the startup group, restart the machine, then connect to it through remote desktop, it's OK. If you then close FMP9 and start it again, you'll get error -103 again.
  10. Maybe you can use this: ftp://ftp.apple.com/filemaker/trial_software/fm/fm_21_trial.hqx
  11. Hi, I found this site really helpful for taking the first steps: http://dev.mysql.com/doc/
  12. Hi, The database is being shared from FM Server 9 Advanced, with 'Access via PHP Web Publishing' activated in the privilige set that is being used by the user Admin. We can open the database remotely, using Admin/no password. When we start the PHP Site Assistant, it asks us what Security Policy we would like to use. We choose 'Prompt user for authentication when accessing site', then click 'open database'. It asks for the username/password, but its reaction to Admin/no password is 'invalid user name or password. Please try again.' That username/password combo is absolutely correct, we can open the file with it after all. Tried it locally on the machine where FMS9Adv is running and from a remote machine, but that makes no difference. Would anyone have an idea what could cause this? Thanks in advance(d), Ano
  13. As far as I understand, these files are not the user's intellectual property. Dodgy area at best.
  14. Maybe, but real developer base or end-user-toy, FMI will likely go for the model that yields most for themselves - I just can't see the financial benefit for FMI.
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