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  1. A client of mine has had an HD failure and her FM databases, although recovered from the disk, have become inaccessible. She gets a message "Access privileges in this file have been damaged or possibly tampered with". But there was no password protection on any of them. Is there anything we can do to get access to the files?
  2. Paul J's solution is definitely the straightforward one. The only hassle is the usual trial-and-error of getting the print exactly onto the labels.
  3. One of the scripts in my FileMaker 6 accounts database has this step telling AppleWorks 6.2.4 to open a document: Send Apple Event ["Forecast.cwk", "AppleWorks 6", "aevt", "odoc"] If AppleWorks is already running, this works fine - but if AppleWorks isn't running the script tries to launch it in Classic mode. My workaround to date has been to have AppleWorks as a Login Item, but I would prefer to know what I'm doing! So, how do I tell AppleWorks I want it to launch in OS X?
  4. Increasing the cache size works, thank you for the idea! Hardware & software details: iMac (Flat Panel) 1GHz, 768MB RAM, OS X 10.2.8, FileMaker Pro 6.0v1, Acrobat Reader 5.0.5
  5. We are creating a game which requires stacks of pick-up cards (like, for example, the Chance cards in "Monopoly"). Each card has a background colour allocated to a Container field, and 4x logo Containers in the 4 corners. These are looked up from five related files. Each card also has a main text field, and a text title which is repeated upside-down at the bottom. Preview Mode shows perfect results, but when printing or saving to PDF the first card (or, on some pages, the first three or so) of each page is the only one printed in full. The others print in greyscale, and with only the bottom-corner logos and the upside-down title showing - no main text, no upper corner logos, no top title. I am sure that the layout is OK because I can print it in two passes by splitting it into two layouts. The one with the upside-down text is the slower to render. I suspect that FileMaker is using some kind of fixed-size memory cache in its print rendering routine, which our project is overloading. Seeing as my 1GHz iMac has 768MB RAM this is frustrating to say the least.
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