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    oAzium Event Manager

    Hello! My problem is... I Bought Oazium event plug ins... My problem is with the file, EVEN MANAGER... I schedule 25 task a day... All work well, BUT when I shut down my computer I restart, all my task dissapear... I always have to re-program all the task... I am sure I don't program the task well... Do I have to use the field token??? Could someone give me the right procedure?? Thanks a lot and sorry for my english guys! Bruno FileMaker Version: 6 Platform: Windows 2000
  2. Quebec City

    How to communicate??

    I run my VB program in single user (locally) and all goes very well... When I want to access to the server, I type the server adress in the ODBC and It doesn't work... runtime error of communication... does anybody can help me?
  3. Hello, My problem is, I have 2 time fields, "Begin Job" and "End Job", I also have a number field "cost" I want to calculate (End Job - Begin Job) and * (cost)... But I don't know how to calculate number and time field?? I need help!!! Thanks! Bruno
  4. Hello, I have a simple question, I want to send a filemaker layout (in this case is a purchase order) directly by email... Can I do that?? I know mail it plug in but I think we just can send attachment outside FM. Does anybody have a clue for me? Bruno
  5. Quebec City

    Event Manager

    Hi! I have to perform script without pressing a button, I want script perform by themselves, I heard about Event Manager, could you tell me if I can buy it or it's free?? If it's not free, how much does it cost?? Thanks!
  6. Hello Everyone, I want to create a bar code system, I use the web to query my database, I made my html files, I activate my web companion, I open my database, I copy my html file in my web folder in the folder web of the filemaker 6 folder... and it doesn't work... do you have a tip for me?? I am sure my html code is good...

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