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  1. jellyroll

    exporting remotely (via web)

    qwerty`, Created a search layout with the fields in the format I wanted, then added a button and choose the export function.
  2. jellyroll

    exporting remotely (via web)

    ekkkk. Anybody have any ideas for another option or approach to exporting over the web? Thanks for the insight Vaughan.
  3. I'm having trouble exporting when I access a database over the web. The way I'm exporting is through a button. I want to be able to run a searchand then export only the found records from other computers via instant web publishing. However when I click the export button it spins then stops, although works when I'm working directly with the database. Any ideas? Much appreciated.
  4. I'm working on a database to store and audit profiles. From the text I import I want a layout with just profile name once where auditors can click on the profile and view new profiles. i thought about using buttons to reference searches however new profiles may show up at anytime. Is there a function similar to excel unique record in which I could script to show unique profile names each time I import new data?I appreciate the help.
  5. Thanks. ralphl you are correct, it was pretty simple from there.
  6. Please note: when posting the concatenated data was trimmed, they are actually separated by spacing unique to the fields. Something like 5, 25, 15, 10, 6, 8,3, etc
  7. This is a fun one. Have a text file with 500k of records so too big to separate tabs in excel. And when I import into FM7 i get something like 24 concatenated fields: ACLCPIC acllink 0001 &_PP_ALL F-41 Enter Vendor Credit Memo 0001 &_PP_ALL F_BGGF_BUK ACTVG * 0003 0002 0002 &_PP_ALL F-30 Post with Clearing 0001 &_PP_ALL F_BKPF_BUK ACTVT * 0012 0009 I figured calculations would work to filter, and the only constant between the fields is the spacing as a separator. Number of words may vary. Viewing some related threads saw: Trim (Substitute(Left( OrigText; Position( Substitute( Substitute(OrigText; " "; ",");";";","); ","; 0; 1)); ","; "")) which looks like it wil work for the Left side since I vary the OrigText; " " spacing. However how do I further restrict to include middle or left than right for the second field surrounded by 5 spaces to the left and 25 to the right?? thanks in advance, Jelly
  8. jellyroll

    Tokens vs Cookies

    I'm probably missing something easy then because when I use a working find link in the Javascript I just get No Records Found in registration.fp4 badgeid: begins with [fmp-field:badgeid] classid: begins with [fmp-field:registration::classid]: Here's the script: <script language="JavaScript" type="text/javascript"><!-- function open_centered_window() { var window_height = 630 var window_width = 560 var window_left = 450 var window_top = 0 var window_dimensions = "height=" + window_height + ",width=" + window_width + ",left=" + window_left + ",top=" + window_top window.open("/fmpro?-db=registration.fp4&-lay=webentry&-format=/registration/receiptimagingquiz/popquiz.htm&-token=[fmp-field:badgeid]&badgeid=[fmp-field:badgeid]&classid=[fmp-field:registration::classid]&-find", "", window_dimensions) } //--></script>
  9. Is there a way to use tokens that carryover to a popup window? Currently I keep losing the thread. Or can I use cookies to suppliment for a token, and some how import the data back to the token? I heard good things about Lasso and session threads. But not sure what the limits of cookies and tokens are.
  10. jellyroll

    Importing results from js files

    There are 2 parts. The result script which calculates the percent (the value I want) and the js file. I have included both, it seems as though I would want to reflect: document.result[2].value=(totalquestions-incorrect.length)/totalquestions*100+"%" Percent script of results page: var incorrect=results[parse].split("=") incorrect=incorrect[1].split("/") if (incorrect[incorrect.length-1]=='b') incorrect="" document.result[0].value=totalquestions-incorrect.length+" out of "+totalquestions document.result[2].value=(totalquestions-incorrect.length)/totalquestions*100+"%" for (temp=0;temp<incorrect.length;temp++) document.result[1].value+=incorrect[temp]+", " JS File contents: //Enter total number of questions: var totalquestions=7 //Enter the solutions corresponding to each question: var correctchoices=new Array() correctchoices[1]='c' //question 1 solution correctchoices[2]='a' //question 2 solution, and so on. correctchoices[3]='c' correctchoices[4]='c' correctchoices[5]='c' correctchoices[6]='c' correctchoices[7]='b' /////Don't edit beyond here////////////////////////// function gradeit(){ var incorrect=null for (q=1;q<=totalquestions;q++){ var thequestion=eval("document.myquiz.question"+q) for (c=0;c<thequestion.length;c++){ if (thequestion[c].checked==true) actualchoices[q]=thequestion[c].value } if (actualchoices[q]!=correctchoices[q]){ //process an incorrect choice if (incorrect==null) incorrect=q else incorrect+="/"+q } } if (incorrect==null) incorrect="a/b" document.cookie='q='+incorrect if (document.cookie=='') alert("Your browser does not accept cookies. Please adjust your browser settings.") else window.location="results.htm" } function showsolution(){ var win2=window.open("","win2","width=200,height=350, scrollbars") win2.focus() win2.document.open() win2.document.write('<title>Solution</title>') win2.document.write('<body bgcolor="#FFFFFF">') win2.document.write('<center><h3>Solution to Quiz</h3></center>') win2.document.write('<center><font face="Arial">') for (i=1;i<=totalquestions;i++){ for (temp=0;temp<incorrect.length;temp++){ if (i==incorrect[temp]) wrong=1 } if (wrong==1){ win2.document.write("Question "+i+"="+correctchoices.fontcolor("red")+"<br>") wrong=0 } else win2.document.write("Question "+i+"="+correctchoices+"<br>") } win2.document.write('</center></font>') win2.document.write("<h5>Note: The solutions in red are the ones to the questions you had incorrectly answered.</h5><p win2.document.close()
  11. jellyroll

    Importing results from js files

    Figured that was a problem. Still confused on how to pass a value to a function in the file. BtW: #2 is ok now. PS. I spent time in Oz, and Manely, several years back great place!!
  12. jellyroll

    Importing results from js files

    I understand if you don't want to get too much into this. but below is part of the code so far. Pointers not necessarily corrections would be great. I'm still learning. Again thanks. <!-- function validForm() { quizconfig.js = document.rsform.regstatus.value } //--> </SCRIPT> </head> <body bgcolor="#FFFFFF"> <p align="center"><strong><font face="Arial"> <script src="quizconfig.js"> </script> <big>Quiz Results</big></font></strong></p> <div align="center"><center> <table border="0" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0"> <tr> <td width="100%"><form method="POST" name="result"><table border="0" width="100%" cellpadding="0" height="116"> <tr> <td height="25" bgcolor="#D3FFA8"><strong><font face="Arial"># of questions you got right:</font></strong></td> <td height="25"><p><input type="text" name="p" size="24"></td> </tr> <tr> <td height="17" bgcolor="#D3FFA8"><strong><font face="Arial">The questions you got wrong:</font></strong></td> <td height="17"><p><textarea name="T2" rows="3" cols="24" wrap="virtual"></textarea></td> </tr> <tr> <td height="25" bgcolor="#D3FFA8"><strong><font face="Arial">Grade in percentage:</font></strong></td> <td height="25"><input type="text" name="q" size="8"></td> </tr> </table> </form> </td> </tr> </table> </center></div> <form method="POST"><div align="center"><center><p> <FORM onSubmit="return validForm()" ACTION="FMPro" METHOD="POST" NAME="rsform"> <INPUT TYPE="hidden" NAME="-DB" VALUE="registration.fp4"> <INPUT TYPE="hidden" NAME="-Lay" VALUE="webentry"> <INPUT TYPE="hidden" NAME="-Format" VALUE="/registration/studentinfo.htm"> <TABLE BORDER="1" WIDTH="375" CELLPADDING="5"> <TR> <TH ALIGN="left" VALIGN="top">Result:</TH> <TD ALIGN="left" VALIGN="top"> <INPUT TYPE=text NAME=regstatus VALUE="" SIZE=7 MAXLENGTH=7>&nbsp;&nbsp; </TD> </TR> <TR> <TD COLSPAN="2" ALIGN="left" VALIGN="middle"> <INPUT TYPE="submit" NAME="-New" VALUE="Submit Results"> </TD> </TR> </TABLE> </TD> </TR> </TABLE> </FORM>
  13. jellyroll

    Importing results from js files

    Thanks Garry. Still having 2 problems. Help much appreciated. 1. function validForm() { quizconfig.js = document.rsform.regstatus.value Doesn't autopopulate the Graded results. I'm thinking I have to reference the field (q) in which to carryover the value. I can manually enter the value in the cdml form and it will be sent to the FMP registration file. 2. Once the result is posted to the registration file it creates a new record with the regstatus field populated instead of modifying the existing student's class grade/regstatus.
  14. Sorry, I'm a little new to cdml and FMP so hope I have enough info here. I appreciate the help in advance. I inherited a class registration system and am attempting to add online grading functionality. From the class registration page I have thrown in a quiz (via quizconfig.js which grades the quiz).I want to import the result back into the registration.fp6 file (ideally tied to the onclick="gradeit()" or if not at least from the results.html page. I've seen how to pull fields from the FP files and add to text but haven't seen how to do it from a javascript file. Thanks.

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