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  1. ESpringer, - Each individual *order* can have from 1 up to 1,520 records per customer, depending on the number of ordered SKUs (Stock Keeping Unit). - The Order database is linked to several external databases such as Customers, Qualities, Salesmen, Countries, Weights, Volumes, Currency Conversion and so on... What I'm trying to obtain is: - One field per record named, for instance, "shipped orders" that contains a "cumulative total" of all items shipped so far for that particular order#/customer#/product# combination. - On the same above-mentioned record one field named, for instance, "orders for shipping" that will: When empty --> leave the amount in the field "shipped orders" as is. When not empty --> trigger an increase in the field "shipped orders" by the amount it contains. For example following steps for one particular order#/customer#/product# record combination: Field
  2. Hi All, I think FileMaker is a great software, especially for beginners like me. However, I sometimes cannot solve my problems by consulting FileMakers

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