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  1. I have just created a database for my birding life list. (I know, sounds like a code unless you are into birds.) I would like to be able to indicate on each record (if needed) whether the bird's name is recently changed/updated or not, and if there are other factors listed or not. With HyperCard I could easily create and script a check box (click once and an "X" appears, click again and it disappears...for each individual record). Or, similarly, create a clickable radio-type button (click once to indicate it's been clicked, or click again to remove the indication). If it were only 1 button or box, then I could easily create an alternate button graphic for a 2nd otherwide duplicate layout. But, I need the 2 choices for each record. Too many permutations of "on" and "off" for the 2 buttons. How might I go about doing this? Please note I am a beginner with FP. Simpler answers (if possible) would be appreciated. Thanks, Rich
  2. Thanks for the suggestions, but, since I am the only one using the computer (at home), I just need a simple button or menu item to unlock each record as I need to work on it, and then lock it again after performing whatever editing is necessary. I used to be able to do this with HyperCard. ...go to a desired record, click a button to unlock that card (record), edit, click a button to lock, and go to any other record. I am the only one who might hit a wrong key and delete important data, or select a wrong menu item for that record. So, I'm basically protecting each of the 4,000 records from myself. Is this even possible in FM? Thanks
  3. As a new member, this seemed the most appropriate forum for this question. Is there a way to quickly and easily lock/unlock a single record (and all its fields) at a time on a database, perhaps using an onscreen button or check box? I have nearly finished an FMP database of stamps listed in my (Scott Minuteman) album (at least 3,500-4,000 records when finished). I would like to be able to easily unlock each whole record when it needs to be worked on (not the entire database), and later lock that particular record again so as to not inadvertently allow data changes. This is quite detailed work and has been very time consuming to enter. Ideally, a check box or button would be a very good solution, if this is at all possible. Thanks, Rich

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