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  1. My machine's FMS admin console does say WebDirect and the WPE are running. Command line also seems to indicate it's running. Entering command fmsadmin get CWPCONFIG returns: EnablePHP = true EnableXML = false Encoding = UTF-8 [ UTF-8 ISO-8859-1 ] Locale = en [ en de fr it ja ] PreValidation = false UseFMPHP = true
  2. On a clean install of FMS18, fresh install of Mojave, web publishing will not run. I initially addressed the problem by wiping the Mac-mini hard drive and reinstalling OS X Mojave 10.14.6. (Mac mini is 2018 model with 16gb RAM and >400gb free HD space.) Then installed FMS 18.0.4. Installed the certificate and the Java JDK 8 update 242. Files accessed by FM Pro work fine, with green lock and normal behavior. WebDirect called from browser on the server using refuses to connect (with Chrome 81 and Safari 12.1). WebDirect over the local network refuses to work, too. FMS Admin console shows no problem. WPE.log shows no errors. Activity Monitor shows all FMS processes running, including fmscwpc. stderr.log has this code that seems to indicate a problem: INFO: Initializing AtmosphereFramework May 18, 2020 10:07:38 AM org.apache.jasper.servlet.TldScanner scanJars INFO: At least one JAR was scanned for TLDs yet contained no TLDs. Enable debug logging for this logger for a complete list of JARs that were scanned but no TLDs were found in them. Skipping unneeded JARs during scanning can improve startup time and JSP compilation time. May 18, 2020 10:07:38 AM org.atmosphere.cpr.AtmosphereFramework addAtmosphereHandler The address org.atmosphere.cpr.AtmosphereFramework makes a lot of entries into that log. Anyone able to decipher this or offer advice? The problem seems similar to this post: Last fall, xochi posted that v.18.0.3 included a fix to intermittent failures of Apache: "sometimes after a reboot on macOS, the apache / httpd server fails to start up. As a result, FMPro works fine, but WebDirect will be dead, and there's no notifications" The release notes on 18.0.3 do note a fix for it as an intermittent problem. But it happens to this machine all the time. After completely fresh install! Gary Sprung Gnurps Consulting
  3. This worked. This fall we moved to a two-machine deployment, with the web server and all the PHP files on a domain separate from the FMS machine. On the FMS machine I did as Mike wrote and now our <iframe> display of SuperContainer docs is working. (Both machines have to have legit SSL custom certs.)
  4. I abandoned the idea of serving the website from a computer separate from Filemaker. But this comment by Mike was super-helpful: Documents were not showing their icons until I changed the base URL for SC to https. Now all's well.
  5. Would that help <img> tags, too? The X-Frame-Options is for iFrames.
  6. I am trying to move a FileMaker Server-powered, SuperContainer-using web site to a new, dedicated, virtual server hosted by Triple8. Tech support there strongly warns me against hosting web sites from a FMS server. I understand their concern and know that it's easy to just point to the FMS machine from the separate web hosting machine. But SuperContainer really complicates this. Suppose a website, "exampleA.com", is trying to serve a page that wants to display an image generated by SuperContainer on the FMS machine, which has domain exampleB.com. The image tag on the page served from exampleA.com would read something like <img src="http://exampleB.com/SuperContainer/Files/fileID/"> I have also used iFrames, such as <iframe src="http://exampleB/SuperContainer/RawData/fileID "> </iframe> Neither will display on the exampleA.com server because of normal security restrictions. The exampleB computer does not allow its resources to be displayed by iframes of another domain, and the exampleA.com server won't display <img>'s that are not in its web root directory. So what should I do? My initial intent was to host the website from the FMS machine. But I know they are right that FMS is a rather problematic web hosting system.
  7. On two Filemaker Server machines I manage, I cannot get FTPeek to activate. After checking the checkbox, a grey message appears appears stating that the plugin was enabled, but the checkbox is unchecked. I have checked the permissions of the plugins. Both owned by fmserver and group fmsadmin. I have restarted the machines. I have tried Wim's suggestion of installing with server-side script. Both have Java 1.6 installed. Both have the BaseElements plugin installed and successfully enabled. Both are running FMS 14.04. One is a Mac mini running Yosemite, with Core 2 Duo processor and 8gb. Other is a Mac mini running El Capitan with Core 2 Duo and 4gb.
  8. Ryan, That worked. Thanks. Maybe add that solution to the documentation? Gary
  9. The plugin crashes Filemaker Pro Advanced, v15.0.3, when I execute FTPeek_DownloadFile(). The file actually does download. Next step is the error script and that never reports. Filemaker just beach-balls. Running Mac El Cap 10.11.6.; 16gb RAM. Not yet on server; just testing in development. Gary Gnurps
  10. I find this aspect of FTPeek unsatisfactory; a mistake by 360. The recursive nature of FTPeek_ScanLocalDirectory() needs a toggle. I am using the plugin to adapt a system which moves files that were uploaded from a directory into a subdirectory, "Archive". I want to start with a listing of the files NOT in Archive, loop through them and upload them, then move them into Archive. To use FTPeek for this feature, I would have to restructure the file system, moving Archive to a different location. Looks like instead I'll use the free BaseElements plugin: BE_ListFilesInFolder ( $moveSource; BE_FileType_File, False). The param "BE_FileType_File shows only files of the current folder. Its prototype: BE_ListFilesInFolder ( path {; type ; includeSubdirectories ; useFullPath } ). The includeSubdirectories param defaults to false, as should FTPeek's function. See: https://baseelementsplugin.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/204700868-BE-ListFilesInFolder
  11. I have a portal where tabbing from the last field on a row takes me out of the portal to a field elsewhere, rather than going to the next portal row. What is causing this behavior? (I feel like I'm missing something obvious.) Actually, there is only only one field on the portal rows that allows entry and is in the tab order. The idea is to tab from portal row to portal row, staying in this field. If I allow entry into another field on the portal row and put it in the tab order, this does not change the behavior. The field is in the layout's tab order; not the last object in the tab order. The portal is based on relationship that allows creation of new records. The portal is not sorted or filtered. No script triggers; though, when I apply a trigger -- onObjectExit perform script Go To Portal Row [Next] -- that makes no difference. Tabbing out of the field runs the script, then the focus goes to a field outside the portal.
  12. When the problem recurred today, we used the command line to try some fixes. First we ran, as Wim suggested, the fmsadmin restart adminserver. That of course restarted that process. The web publishing engine was still shown as off. Then, on the worker machine, we did fmsadmin restart wpe. The machine responded "Error: 10006 (Service already running)". So we tried fmsadmin stop wpe. That changed the server behavior somewhat. Pages started loading fast. If the page had no calls to Filemaker, it loaded correctly. In pages that did call Filemaker, our error checking captured "Communications terror: (22) The requested URL returned error: 503 Service Unavailable." Makes sense. But then we entered fmsadmin start wpe and got the same error 10006 (service already running). And, in the console on the master machine, the WPE switch remained gray, off. Finally, we restarted the worker machine and the WPE resumed running correctly. So we are still rather mystified as to what is going on. We have carefully examined the logs and cannot see a pattern that would link a PHP page to the problem, nor a user, nor a file. Will keep looking...
  13. Our Web Publishing Engine keeps crashing. We have a two-machine setup, both running on Mac El Cap, 10.11.6. Yesterday we did fresh downloads of Server 15.02 to both machines. We did the clean uninstall and reinstall procedure on both machines, as called for by FM KB article 15550. Filemaker tech support says that pretty much rules out Filemaker Server as the culprit. Today, the problem is actually worse. The WPE crashed three times this afternoon. Symptoms: We see no problem with Pro access to Filemaker. We see no problem with WebDirect. Several people within the office use that method of connection and it continues to work while CWP goes down. Maybe this means the WPE is not really crashed? In Activity Monitor, we do not see spikes in CPU or memory usage. The WPE log shows nothing unusual. In Filemaker Server console, we do see the WPE slider turned off, not showing green. We cannot slide it back to the on position. To fix that, we restart the worker machine. We are considering three possibilities: Software conflict... But not much else is running on these machines and they had a clean install of newest El Cap this past summer. They do have CrashPlan, which never interfered before. We will try quitting it. We have Dropbox running on the master machine and have turned it off. Hardware problem: We will try running for a different machine, or changing to a one-machine deployment. PHP web pages causing an issue? There have indeed been some significant PHP page/script changes in recent months. But the web site, an e-commerce store, appears to run fine until the crash, and we see no CPU or memory spikes in Activity Monitor, and Filemaker Server serves to Pro and WebDirect do not slow down, and the logs do not show problem with any page. The only errors we see in the log are 401's, from users or scripts performing searches that find no records. Regarding the possibility that a PHP page is the problem, I would like to look at the Apache logs. Where are they? In Console, they should show up under /var/logs/Apache 2. But that is empty on the worker machine, non-existent on the master. Filemaker Server takes over the Apache service, but where does it put the Apache logs? Anything besides the FM Console log viewer? I'll report back if we find that one of the machines has a hardware problem, or software conflict. Can anyone consider think of another possibility, or diagnosis approach?
  14. At a FM15 demo at an Apple store in Denver, the FM engineer told us that portals now have a separate thread. So if you navigate to a record with a portal to many related records, the local record data appears immediately and the portal data later, when it's ready. If you are navigating record-to-record in Form views of portal-laden records, the portal data does not have to fully load before advancing to next record. I don't see this mentioned in the FM15 Help new features page. A significant performance enhancement.
  15. This was an upgrade from Snow Leopard Server to Mtn Lion Server. I'm not having any troubles with the Server app nor with web serving.
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