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  1. I work for a printing firm and we are looking for an online ordering system for variable printing such as business cards. To see the type of system we are needing, you can check out iWay . However, most of those type of systems are slightly more robust (read: much more expensive) than we need. If there are no other options, we will be forced to spend the money. I am familiar with Filemaker and have successfully completed many online ordering systems for our customers using CDML, but on screen proofing has eluded me. We need a solution that creates both a PDF for downloading and an image file (.gif or .jpg) to embed on the screen at the time of submission, with exact fonts, font colors, spacing, justification, etc. Thus lasso came into the picture. However, we have been disappointed in what we have discovered about lasso's PDF tag implementation. From what we have gathered, PDF creation is inconsistent, painstakingly time consuming, and even unstable where fonts are concerned. Often tags will not work, such as both font file and font colors in PDF_tables. And the only third party solution i found for Lasso does not support font files, only basic/standard web fonts. So my question is not directly filemaker related. We would like to use filemaker as the back-end database because we are familiar with it, but an on screen proofing is much more important. Any suggestions, filemaker solutions or otherwise, would be so greatly appreciated. J

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