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    Printing Multiple Pages with Portals

    Hi Lee, Thank you for your response. I moved some things around and now able to utilize sliding everything around to make it work. Thank you once again! KLLRWLF
  2. Hello, This is on FMP 6. Here is my layout: Header Fields Portal (set to display 10 rows) Fields Footer When printing with more than 10 records in my portal, it will only print out 10. How do I get it to print the remaining records in the portal to print out as a 2nd page? So with records with 12 records in the portal: So page 1: Header Fields Portal (prints first 10 rows) Fields Footer So page 2: Header Fields Portal (prints with the remaining 2 rows) Fields Footer (without sliding to fit all of it in 1 page)
  3. Can lookups work with ranges? Database-A has let's say "5" and is looking for records in Database-B that has ranges (field 1="1", Field 2="10"), so "5" is not actually in Database-B. Only one record with the 2 fields that represents the range.
  4. Thank you for the reply. : The ranges are not in order. This was actually to have a IP Address to Country shown. I have a database with ranges in IP Number format and would like the name of the Country returned. Database-A has the IP Address: ex. which is converted to an IP Number format= 388109621 Database-B has the IP Number ranges: ex. One Record might have: - in IP Number format= 388104192 - 388169984 which is for USA. So I would like Database-A with 388109621 to somehow check with Database-B to see if 388109621 falls into any range of all the records and spit out the one that those, in this case "USA". BTW, if anyone has a IP to Country Filemaker database or some sort, that would probably be easier. :/
  5. I'm currently using FM6 (I'll upgrade when I have the funds) :/ I have 2 databases. Database-A has 2 fields with numbers already populated in Field 1. Field 2 is to be automatically populated by Database-B, Field 3. Example: Record 1, Field 1= 14 Record 2, Field 1= 6 Record 3, Field 1= 28 Database-B has 3 Fields. Field 1 is the first number in range, Field 2 is the end of the range, Field 3 is the result Example: Record 1, Field 1= 1 Record 1, Field 2= 10 Record 1, Field 3= First Record 2, Field 1= 11 Record 2, Field 2= 20 Record 2, Field 3= Second Record 3, Field 1= 21 Record 3, Field 2= 30 Record 3, Field 3= Third So the result in Database-A, Field 2 should be: Record 1, Field 2= Second Record 2, Field 2= First Record 3, Field 2= Third Is this possible? (hope this makes sense)
  6. kllrwlf

    Checking the second or third record within portal

    That seems to have worked! Thank you for your help!
  7. I have two databases. One database with the customer information and another database with zipcodes, city and state. I would like to compare the zipcode information (city and state) that the customer gave me with the zipcode information in the zipcode database. I'm currently able to compare the city and state that the customer gave me with the first record in the portal of the zipcode database. How do you do a compare with all the records within the portal? Here's the relationship: (Customer Database).........(Zipcode Database) Zipcode field ----------------> Zipcode field Here's the database (Customer Database)<----------(Zipcode Database Portal) Customer Database: Arvada, CO 80002 Zipcode Portal: Denver, CO 80002 Arvada, CO 80002 Wheat Ridge, CO 80002 My current calculation (which only checks the first (Zipcode Portal) record: If( Customer City = zipcode::city, "" , "City Might Not Match" ) I would like the calculation to check all the records within the portal instead of only the first record. Thank you!
  8. I'm new to the board and have been using FileMaker Pro for a little bit. I'm looking for any suggestions on creating a database so that you can import orders from X-Cart. For those who do not know what X-Cart is, it's a internet shopping cart that exports the orders similiar to this: So in this example, there are 3 orders, John Smith ordered 4 items, Jan Doe ordered 1 and Chris Can ordered 2 items. Have 2 FM files, one that imports the raw orders (7 records), and the other would use a portal to get the information to create 1 record per customer. The problem that I have is, how would I have the orders imported once per customer? I hope this makes sense. Any suggestion, or a different way of doing this would be appreciated!

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