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  1. I received an email today from Filemaker Netherlands that they are working on an update for this problem. Grt. Robert FileMaker Version: Dev 6 Platform: Windows XP
  2. Robert Vorselman

    Error #62 jpeg

    I discovered that the problem only occurs with users that are not administrator/poweruser. I changed all the users to poweruser and do not receive the Jpeg Error #62 anymore. Grt. Robert
  3. Robert Vorselman

    Error #62 jpeg

    I have the same error on 2 Windows NT4 and 2 Windows XP Machines, the remaining 6 Windows XP Machines, 3 Windows NT4 and 5 OSX Machines do not have this problem with the same image. The windows xp machines are exactly the same in hardware and software. I am lost now. Does anyone have any ideas? Grt, Robert

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