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  1. Those script steps work fine.. Depending on the following Remember that the FMP 5.5 server is just that, a server that serves the data in the files out to any compatible client. If the clients opening the files from the server are FMP 6.0 clients, then the FMP 6.0 specific script steps will work. If the clients opening the files from the server are FMP 5.x clients, then the FMP 6.0 specific script steps won't work. Just my 0.02
  2. Johds

    Moving Data from FMP to a Text File

    Because as far as I understod TedS's wish, it was that he wanted to build a text file with information from various fields, and most probably also additional text.. Using the approach I described, and show in the examplefile attached, he can build the text for the file in the global textfield statically or dynamically, and only export that field, thereby avoiding the tabs or comma's between each field, in the exported text file. Just my 0.02
  3. Johds

    Moving Data from FMP to a Text File

    Concatenate the fields which contain the information that you want in the txt file, into one text field, and export that field alone to a tab seperated file. Se enclosed demo.. Run the script Export, and it will create a file named Export.txt in the root of your C: drive. Just my 0.02 exporttotxt.zip
  4. Windows maintains a list of associations, so if Filemaker Pro is installed on that machine, it should be enough just write the fully qualified filename including the drive and path... Works here. To test, place startup.fp5 on the desktop, and click Start - Run, and enter C:windowsdesktopstartup.fp5, then click OK. No need to prefix the default application for that type of file in front of the filename. Just my 0.02
  5. Johds

    What mac computer should I use?

    If a rumour was a promise, we'd have stable windows machines running in only 64 Kb eons ago... So take it as a rumour, not a promise... Just my 0.02
  6. The question is how much FMI can do with the recovered files. If they contain data from overwritten sectors that do not belong to the FMP database, I don't think they can do anything. Do you have a tapebackup of the server, where the files still are good, then the best bet (and maybe the only) is to restore the files from that backupset, and recreate any missing data from the time of that backup, until the files were deleted. /rant on Why do people still setup servers, without using the same amount of ressources in insuring that any data on that server is backed up daily ? /rant off Just my 0.02
  7. Ray, Thanks for a good and usefull answer.. Appreciated. The NMI software you mentioned, I can't seem to find any references to. Have tried to google, but alas, no usefull links. Could you please provide a siteadress ? I will try to find some possibility to defeat at least the cracker program which my betatester sent me, and otherwise the fact that the developer security options at least only give them access to the data, is a better than nothing solution, which I can live with, in the same manner as having to pay tax Thanks again for your time, it's appreciated. Just my 0.02
  8. Gents, While developing a solution, one of my betatesters informed me that he had been able to get the masterpassword by using one of the FMP password cracker programs. I have then checked that program out, and true enough, it can get the password both from a standard FP5 file as well as from a Runtime file where everything has been used to protect the file. Does anybody have an idea to how one can avoid this problem ? Using special chars or such ? Any recommendation would be appreciated. Just my 0.02
  9. My guess is that someone had changed something and that the someone in question suddenly remembered what he had changed Just my 0.02
  10. Johds

    "Undo" feature in FileMaker??

    Or allways work on a COPY of the actual database... Personally I never EVER do any developmentwork on a production system, I do that on a test system, make the changes there, test it, and if satisfied, import the data from the productionsystem, and copy the new DB over. Saves downtime on the production system, makes for a safer development cycle, and is just good common sense IMHO. Just mty 0.02
  11. Johds

    shared database filemaker

    Check the following: Have you set FMS to use the TCP/IP protocol ? Have you set the client to use the TCP/IP protocol ? Are you running any kind of software firewall on the NT server or the Clients, and if so, have you allowed the FMP specific ports to be opened ? Are the clients and the NT server on the same subnet ? Can you ping the server from the clients, and vice versa ? Just my 0.02
  12. Fastest way to show you is in the field definitions of the enclosed small FP5 database. Just my 0.02 TestTime.zip
  13. I know Want to try to translate some Danish ? Just my 0.02
  14. Hi Nelly, This should do the trick if its a fixed date you never want to change: Define a unstored calculation field, result equal to Number, with the following calculation Date(12; 24; 2003) - Status(CurrentDate) If you want to be able to enter any date in the future, and see how many days there are until that date, you need to define a Date field, which must be validated by a calculation that the date is higher than the current date, and change the above unstored calculation field to use that instead of the Date function. I have enclosed a small testdatabase in fp5 format which you can download and see the definitions. Just my 0.02 testdate.zip
  15. LOL.. I think he replied in Dutch, and a rough translation of his reply would be along the lines of : "Need to look more closely at the Manual. I couldn't find it." Just my 0.02

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